Expert Says We Must ‘Assume Everyone We Meet Has Covid’

Fact checked

A professor of immunology and infectious disease at the University of Edinburgh has issued a warning about covid.

Speaking on the BBC’s Today Programme on Saturday, Eleanor Riley said to “assume everyone you meet has covid-19”

According to the Independent, the professor said: “We know that many people can carry the virus without any symptoms so you cannot assume that the person sitting next to you doesn’t have the virus.

“I think we have to work on the basis that pretty much anybody we come into contact with might be carrying the virus and we have to act accordingly.”

She added that because omricon is spreading so rapidly, everyone in the UK is “very likely” to come across it in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, following an announcement from the Department of Health and Social Care on Friday night, as of next Wednesday, care home residents will only be allowed three visitors and one essential care worker, in an effort to combat the spread of the omicron variant. Covid testing measures for residents and staff are also set to become more stringent.


  1. If everyone has covid in less than two weeks they will have covid antibodies, and then we will all have immunity.

  2. That’s a pretty safe assumption, considering.

    Using PCR, if you do it correctly, you can find anything you want to find.” – Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winning inventor of PCR

  3. If covid has every body then why don`t I have it OR with 3vaxs I don“t know it like the other 8 billion vaxed who are spreding the weakened genome sequencing NEW verson giveing it them without the VAX so they also get the weakened verson leading to herd immunity

  4. THE VAXs at 90% of the population will weaken the covid strains as the vAX does NOT stop transmission or stop you from getting it-it only weakens it as the WHO has said from the start and that si waht we are starting to see now weaker versons not stronger ones with 8 billion vaxs are are just now starting to break downs it`s genome.But you need the un-vaxed as much as the vaxed to spred the virus to control it weaken it break it dwon and overcome it

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