Roger Stone: Trump Cabinet Members Plotting To Overthrow The President

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Roger Stone warns Trump cabinet members are plotting to overthrow him

Roger Stone has warned that some members of President Trump’s Cabinet are plotting to remove him from the White House in a carefully planned coup d’etat. 

The former presidential campaign adviser told C-SPAN that he overheard some members of the Trump administration planning to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. reports: “Do you have any evidence that anyone is actively plotting or attempting or laying the groundwork right now inside the Cabinet — inside the administration — to make that removal?” Associated Press reporter Tom LoBianco asked Mr. Stone.

“I have sources, and I work my sources, and yes, I believe there are some who have had this discussion. This is both outside the Cabinet and in. I think it’s the fallback plan for the establishment. That’s why I’m trying to sound the clarion call,” Mr. Stone responded.

Mr. Stone declined to disclose specifics when pressed for further details, but he insisted his claim wasn’t baseless.

“Like you, Tom, I cannot reveal those sources, and I’m not prepared to do so, but this is not a conspiracy theory,” Mr. Stone told the reporter.

“There are members of the Cabinet who have had this discussion. Let me just leave it at that,” Mr. Stone added.

Mr. Stone, 65, advised Mr. Trump’s successful 2016 campaign through August 2015, and currently he co-hosts an internet and radio program, “War Room,” produced in connection with far-right conspiracy theorist and devout Trumpsupporter Alex Jones.

Mr. Stone previously advised former President Richard Nixon and co-founded a lobbying firm in 1980 with Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s former 2016 campaign chairman. Mr. Manafort is one of four people indicted as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election, and Mr. Stone predicted that the outcome of that probe will have an effect on potentially removing the president from office.

“You’re going to see an enormous uptick in these irresponsible stories smearing this president as, you know, non compos mentis — not up to the job, and so on — particularly if Mr. Mueller should shoot and miss. So I’m being realistic about what I believe is the resolve of many in the political establishment to remove the president under any means necessary,” Mr. Stone said during the C-SPAN interview.

“There is a plan afoot that is broader than just the Cabinet. The 25th Amendment requires a majority of the Cabinet and the vice president [to remove the president]. I don’t think that is achievable today, not on the heels of the historic tax cut, not on the heels of the disintegration of the credibility of the Mueller investigation. But we have seen what happens when a hysteria is whipped up among the people by some in the mainstream media. And I have always thought this is plan B for the two-party duopoly that has run this country into the ground,” Mr. Stone added.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment concerning Mr. Stone’s claim.

Mr. Mueller’s office and at least four congressional committees are currently investigating allegations surrounding the 2016 election, particularly with respect to claims concerning Russia’s involvement in helping boost Mr. Trump over his former Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Russia has denied interfering in the presidential election, although the U.S. intelligence community has concluded otherwise.


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