Michelle Malkin: Children Are Being Brainwashed by Leftists in ‘War on Whites’

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Michelle Malkin warns children are being brainwashed by the left on the war on white people

Conservative author Michelle Malkin has warned that American children are being brainwashed by “anti-white, anti-American bullies” in “the Left’s War on Whites.”

“In America, 2021, our children are being indoctrinated from kindergarten through college to hate the historic American nation, its founders, and the majority race in this country,” Malkin said during her show on Newsmax TV.

“They’re being taught by anti-white, anti-American bullies, that we are all just nothing more than the miserable sum of our politicized, racial, and ethnic identities.”

“This self loathing culture is everywhere. It started on college campuses, it spread to the federal government, the military, and of course Hollywood is spoon feeding it to your kids.”

Nationalfile.com reports: Malkin aired clips of failed presidential candidates leading group apologies on behalf of whites, children’s cartoons telling children that children’s stories may favor whites, children being harangued by teachers for disagreeing with critical race theory, and parents voicing their concerns – and being doxxed for doing so – as examples of this indoctrination.

“History is racist, immigration laws are racist, voting reform laws are racist, math is racist, and get this, objective academic standards are racist,” summarized Malkin, before showing a clip of an educator successfully arguing for the abolition of academic standards at his institution.

“The anti white propaganda racket is a multi billion dollar industry, not just in higher education, but in K-12 schools. In Idaho, state legislators have identified some $18 million in the public education budget that supports critical race theory,” Malkin continued, before airing a clip of a concerned mother.

“A healthy and functioning sovereign nation would teach its children to be grateful for their privileges, not ashamed of them.” She concluded, “Until a unified movement of parents, teachers, and educators and elected officials band together to defund and deplatform anti-white denigration, we will remain on a path toward civilizational suicide.”

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