Rosanna Arquette: ‘Fossil Fuels Will Kill Off Mankind’

Fact checked
Rosanna Arquette declares that fossil fuels will destroy mankind

Far-left Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette declared on twitter that fossil fuels will be the “end of mankind” to her 193k Twitter followers during the Independence Day weekend.

“Weep as our world is burning our dependence on Fossil fuels will be the end of mankind,” the Trump hating star said. 

“President Biden please stop Line 3 Now before more disasters like this happen because soon humans will not be able to survive,” she begged. reports: Her warning followed news of a blaze breaking out on the water’s surface in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday, which the oil company Pemex attributed to a gas leak from an underwater pipeline.

“Meanwhile the people in power call themselves ‘climate leaders’ as they open up new oilfields, pipelines and coal power plants – granting new oil licenses exploring future oil drilling sites,” teen climate activist Greta Thunberg said, reacting to the flames.

It reportedly took five hours to get the blaze under control.

On his first day as commander-in-chief, Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline. That move alone killed tens of thousands of jobs.

“In recent years, climate change has upended the lives of millions of Americans,” Biden declared on his April 22 proclamation of Earth Day 2021, touting his “ambitious climate agenda” which he asserted will “create millions of good-paying union jobs” and “ensure our economic competitiveness.”

Meanwhile, far-left Democrats are rallying for the Senate to eliminate the filibuster so they can pass their radical Green New Deal agenda.

Arquette, however, is no stranger to parroting left-wing talking points and objectives, recently promising to take a knee during the national anthem “for the rest of my life.”


  1. No people breeding like flies will .Ni matter what they do They can delay things a bit but ultimately the entire natural imbalance created by the greed that drives population growth at 3xpinential rates will destroy life on this planet.

  2. So, Rosanna, you are saying, when God created the earth, He made a mistake, and now you have taken it upon yourself to let us know about God’s error, that He made the earth too small for us?

    You know, the Bible teaches us that the gate is narrow and few will enter. Since you have led a life of privilege enabled by money, I’m so glad that only a few will enter. If I think of how I’ve had to spend a lifetime with idiots like yourself on this planet, I’m thrilled that I won’t have to spend eternity with them as well.

  3. No, it won’t. But you satanic POS are trying very hard to kill off almost all of humanity along with the animals. You should read the Bible; it tells you “God wins.” Your side loses big time.

  4. never mind the 1.4 billion chinese eating everyting on earth, ten thousand fishing boats harvesting the oceans to extinction. but nooooo, an american who drives his truck to do some work is the enemy of the environment?

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