Biden Claims His Administration ‘Will Have Conserved 30% Of All Lands & Waters By 2020’

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Joe Biden traveled to Santa Clara County, California on Monday to deliver remarks about so called ‘climate change‘.

The president repeatedly claimed that so called climate change is “the existential threat to humanity.”

He also mumbled something about small businesses suing banks before changing the subject.

“A couple businesses are suing banks because they wanna consider whether or not you’re environmentally— anyway, I won’t get into all that, I’ll get…” Biden said from a nature preserve in Palo Alto.

He then made a bizarre claim that his administration “will have conserved 30%” of all US lands and waters by the year 2020……

That was three years ago, and before he even took office.

Biden’s latest gaffe came just days after he caused confusion by closing his remarks at a Connecticut summit on gun control reform by saying “God Save the Queen”

TGP reported that Joe Biden also time traveled on Monday.

“I’ve committed that by 2020, we will have conserved 30% of all the lands and waters…” Biden said along side Governor Newsom.

He’s shot.


Joe Biden was pulled across the stage after his speech.

Democrat Rep. Eshoo took Joe Biden’s arm and pulled him to meet with the attendees.

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