New Study Claims A ‘Cashless Society’ Would Leave Millions Of Brits Struggling

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Millions of people would be left struggling if a cashless society is implemented, a new study has found.

A report, published this week found that moving to a cashless society would considerably disadvantage and disenfranchise millions of people and would also risk harming many vulnerable people who are reliant on physical notes and coins.

According to the study conducted by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), rural communities and vulnerable citizens could become unable to access cash, while a completely cashless society could lead to increased isolation and reduced human connection.

Breitbart reports: The research also found that, while ATM use overall went down during the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic and has not since returned to pre-2020 levels, one in seven people found themselves using cash more because of the crisis.

Ultimately, one in five people reportedly said that they would struggle in a cashless society, with the researchers also saying that there is an urgent need for legislation ensuring people’s access to physical cash in the future.

“For millions of people, their relationship with cash is critical to the way they manage their weekly budget,” Mark Hall, who penned the paper, reportedly said. “Despite online banking and shopping becoming more common, our research shows the percentage of the population wholly reliant on cash is unchanged in the past three years.”

“It’s vital that the dash to digital doesn’t disenfranchise anyone, especially with the cost-of-living crisis putting such significant strain on family finances right now,” he also said.

“People are increasingly using less cash and embracing contactless and digital payments,” noted John Howells — the CEO of ATM network LINK — regarding the study. “However, it’s clear that digital does not currently work for everyone and for those living on tight budgets, where every penny counts, there is no better alternative to notes and coins, and they are in no rush to turn to money management tools.”

The notion of a cashless society has been floating around for quite a while now, with nations such as Sweden becoming heavily reliant on digital transactions.

A number of benefits have been linked with the move, including lower infrastructure costs and making it easier to hamper criminal enterprises.

Australia at one stage even considered implementing a so-called “cash ban” law, which would put a legal limit of $10,000 on any physical payments, with any transaction amounting to more than that being rendered an offence.

While the law has since been put on ice, it is clear that many parties in the modern world — including banks and regulators — are greatly in favour of a complete switch to digital.


  1. If they do thave to mint currency then money is all profit. No manufacturing costs, no transportation storage costs Nothing All costs borneby the consumers.
    That’s what they love about it They done even need retail banks. It can all be online They can sack thousands of useless staff. And the consumers totally responsible for the security of their “account”. The government doesn’t have to gaurantee bank deposits for much longer and then organised crime can run riot with corrupt cops and dishonest media all aboard. But people are thick as bricks with zero intuition and deserve what they get And it is what they will get because they’re too stipid to do anything but comply. They all want “approval” from their team leader.

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