“The World Will be the Battlefield” Following Iran Escalation Says CFR President

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A US-Iran war will be unlike 1990 or 2003

“The world will be the battlefield” if war follows the recent escalation in tensions between the US and Iran according to President of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard N. Haass.

Following the US assassination of Iran’s Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani on Friday, fears of a wider war are rapidly increasing.

Summit News reports: Haass warned that those who thought any war with Iran would look similar to previous military campaigns were being incredibly naive.

“Make no mistake: any war with Iran will not look like the 1990 Gulf war or the 2003 Iraq wars. It will be fought throughout the region w a wide range of tools vs a wide range of civilian, economic, & military targets. The region (and possibly the world) will be the battlefield,” tweeted Haass.

He went on to assert that developments would lead to Iraqi authorities exerting great pressure on the U.S. to leave their country.

“One sure result of the US strike is that the era of US-Iraq cooperation is over. The US diplomatic & mil presence will end b/c Iraq asks us to depart or our presence is just a target or both. The result will be greater Iranian influence, terrorism, and Iraqi infighting,” said Haas


  1. Cue crisis actors I wonder if Mormon “Mason wells” will appear again, with his f***ing shoes !?!? Mormons and Masons the useful idiots of the self proclaimed “chosen ones” !

  2. I watched a few videos of the Iraqis dancing in the streets as they celebrate the death of General Suleimani. Most of us don’t know how much suffering and death Suleimani brought to not just Iraqi but Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries, the man was a monster.

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