Locals Clash With Police Over Cancer Patient’s Eviction From His Home

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Protests have erupted on a Nottingham street after a man recovering from cancer was evicted from his home.

Protesters clashed with police as a cancer patient was evicted from his home after an eight-year dispute with his bank, Bradford and Bingley, over mortgage payments.

Mr Crawford hit the headlines last year after hundreds of strangers turned up to help stop him being evicted on two occasions – in July and again this January.

He claims he does not owe any money, as the bank changed his mortgage arrangement without him knowing.

Supporters tried to stop the bailiffs entering the home of 64-year-old Tom Crawford in Carlton, Nottinghamshire

Dozens of police have been at the scene to prevent violence breaking out.

Cancer patient evicted
Tom Crawford

ITV news reports:

In January, more than 300 people gathered on the quiet street in Nottingham to help stop Mr Crawford being evicted.

It was the second time the cancer patient had received help from total strangers, after hundreds travelled from across the country in July 2014 to stop his eviction.

Speaking to ITV News Central, Mr Crawford claimed the bailiffs waited until he was “at least two hours away” and waited for his daughter to leave the house before they “smashed the door down”.

He also claimed there was no warrant and the bailiffs did not identify themselves

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