Israel benefitting from ISIL the most: Analyst

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The Israeli regime is benefitting the most from the crisis over the Takfiri ISIL operations in Iraq and Syria, says an analyst, Press TV reports.

“Individuals, groups, whole industries, even nations sometimes take advantage of crises and catastrophes,” wrote Kevin Barrett in an op-ed on Press TV website on Friday. “Big bankers, for example, love war because it forces governments to borrow vast sums of money at compound interest. Arms manufacturers also make huge profits.”

Barrett referred to the US bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria that purports to target the Takfiri ISIL group and said the crisis is “making certain people very rich.”

“According to the US government is spending 200 million dollars per week to bomb Iraq and Syria. If the overall cost of the anti-ISIL campaign reaches its $500 billion projection, LiveLeak estimates that the US would be spending $30 million dollars per member of ISIL,” he wrote.

The ISIL Takfiris control large areas of Syria’s east and north. They sent militants into Iraq in June, seizing large parts of the land straddling the border between Syria and Iraq.

The US and its Arab allies have been conducting airstrikes against the ISIL inside Syria without formal authorization from Damascus or a UN mandate since earlier this week. A similar bombing campaign had started earlier against ISIL positions in Iraq.

Barrett said, “One group, above all, has proven its mastery at profiting from crisis: The Zionist movement and ‘Israel.’”

He said the Israeli regime is trying to turn the ‘ISIL crisis’ to its own advantage as the “Zionist-dominated mainstream media are using the barbarism of Islamic State (ISIL) to smear Islam as a whole.”

“Along with anti-Islam propaganda,” Barrett said, “the ‘ISIL crisis’ provides the Zionists with a sectarian vehicle for their attempt to divide-and-conquer the House of Islam and the people of the Middle East.”

He explained that the Israeli regime may even be planning a false flag attack on US soil and have it blamed by the media on the ISIL to provoke US military action “against Israel’s Mideast enemies.”

He said, however, that the people of the world have awakened to the Israeli trick of “orchestrating problems” and hoped that public awareness will prevent Israelis from benefitting from “epic-scale destruction.”

Report By Press TV (Source Link)

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