World’s Youngest Leader Has Already Deported 6,000 Migrants This Year

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World's youngest leader deports 6,000 migrants in just 6 months

The world’s youngest leader, Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz, has become the first to deport a staggering 6,096 in the last 7 months. 

Statistics shows that Kurz has made history by deporting the largest volume of immigrants than any other world leader before him.

Österreichische Tageszeitung reports:

The statistics:

6,096 foreigners were taken out of the country in the first half of the year.
2,106 were forcibly deported – that is a year-on-year increase of 38%.
2,582 voluntarily left – that’s 4% more.

All in all, 4,688 people had to leave – 17% more than in 2017.

The rigorous deportations are a result of the new asylum policy of Interior Minister Herbert Kickl of the Freedom Party (FPÖ), since his announcement that he wanted to create a “completely new asylum policy”.

Kickl is satisfied: “The significantly increased numbers of deportations show that, unfortunately in too many cases, the rejected asylum seekers are not cooperative “.


  1. “The rejected asylum seekers are not cooperative”?
    Why? Why do those people refuse to obey to such decisions?
    If they are not allowed to obtain asylum, they shouldn’t use violence in order to obtain that. But they are not cooperative, when austrian government refuses to accord to them what they want. So, indeed, what really are they?
    What does it mean?
    It means that they are not asylum seekers, they’re invaders.
    And when you’re invaded, you have to fight, and shot, because this has become a war.

    • Become? It was a war 100s of years previous, but due to the lack of bullets (or swords, or, whatever, telling someone to do something in ‘authoritative way’ somehow became all that was necessary. Mad Jack Churchill fought, otherwise, with a bow and arrow, but most specifically with the misunderstood weapon of ‘speaking authoritatively’ such that no one noticed. He claimed that to do so most Germans would simply respond with ‘jawhol’. If you think it has no effect, watch a copper standing in the street giving instructions, or emergent events where one citizen starts ordering others around, ie motorway collapsing and one of them is revealed a first aider or such. Then investigate the works that created the education system.
      If you love freedom, children, not damaging people for life especially children with the aim of preventing them living full lives at the peak of their ability and loving life, for each and every generation where these ones may pretty much only ever see people who can remember to living in such a system and little if anything of what was before it as life, culture or creed; To quote Bill Cooper “You will be angered”. I’d wager that’s insufficient, in a lot of ways, inaccurate. But in that communicative, emotive way he says it, maybe there is some justice to it.

  2. remember the pact signed b y the allies agreeing not to accept any jewish refugees out of europe from about 1929 ?No ? They didnt “teach” you about that in school?Oh well , how about remember the ship load of Jews that were refused entry anywhere so the captain had to run the ship aground up the Hudson river near some major radio station so that the passengers wouldnt be set adrift to starve to death aboard the ship?Not one of your lessons?Surprise.How many other inappropriate facts arent permitted to be published or taught under authorization from rule by law?Law of representatives of the elite one per cent and their circle.

    • We are taught this in the US, but why would any nation want to take in boat loads of muslims or especially jews?

  3. Well, that’s good. BTW, how many came in this year? Seems a liitle like someone bragging about winning $500 in Vegas. But ask them how much they spent to win, it’s 3000

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