Pentagon: ‘Alien Life Might Exist on Earth’

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Pentagon admits that alien life might exist on Earth

U.S. military officials this week admitted that there is a chance that extraterrestrial life exists on planet Earth.

Anticipation has swirled for over two years after numerous releases and declassifications from military officials regarding unidentified aerial phenomena (UFOs) spotted by U.S. military observers over the course of decades. 

At a roundtable on Friday, Pentagon officials indicated that while they have no concrete evidence that any of those mysterious sightings were attributable to alien life, they haven’t yet ruled out the possibility. reports: Asked by a reporter if there was “any evidence … that shows any one of these anomalies is a space alien,” Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Ronald Moultrie responded: “At this time, the answer’s no, we have nothing.” 

Stressing that the Defense Department was committed to “openness and objectivity and transparency,” Moultrie said: “We have not seen anything that would … that would lead us to believe that any of the objects that we have seen are of alien origin, if you will. “ 

Moultrie indicated that defense officials would continue considering evidence for alien life as it arises. “If we are — if we find something like that, we will look at it and analyze it and take the appropriate actions,” he said. 

Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the department’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, added that officials were “structuring our analysis to be very thorough and rigorous.” 

“We will go through it all,” he said. “And as a physicist, I have to adhere to the scientific method, and I will follow that data and science wherever it goes.


  1. They have shown me things very very few people have ever seen Things I can’t disclose but we don’t need any star wars armies That’s a lie and a trump should never have let them talk him into all that which is just about totalitarian global control.
    And they won’t like it either.

    • So you know more than Trump about what’s happening? Do you understand how arrogant you might sound to some here?

  2. Wow! Magic aliens that can cross the Van Allen radiation belt.

    Are the masses able to recognize a lie when they see it? If they reject the truth the only option left is a lie.

    • Oh ye of little imagination. Have you never heard of stargates, portals and the like? And yes, if aliens are able to travel throughout space, they may well have solved the problem of the Van Allen belt.

        • They are officially recognized by science, there have been testimonials from people who actually experienced going thru them, and the Secret Space Program uses them all the time. Richard Dolan is a well-known physicist of many decades who has worked in Top Secret Programs. If anyone would know it would be him. He has written a book about it. There are numerous other scientists who say stargates are real. Just because you haven’t read about it in the N.Y. Times or on CNN doesn’t mean they don’t exist and aren’t real. Mainstream media lies to us constantly about everything, why would they tell us about advanced science or anything to do with outer space?

          • With the source (government) of some of these claims in the forefront of my mind, forgive my skepticism.

          • You might want to read Michael Salla’s book “Kennedy’s Last Stand” – extremely well-documented/sourced book that describes govt coverup of aliens. It’s been going on for a looong time. Salla is anything but part of govt or a govt shill. Govt tried to destroy his reputation – he is a brilliant researcher.

  3. There is alien life on earth, it is demonic possession, but most demons from Hell, were once Human.
    The exception are the Fallen Angels of Hell. They are not and never were human.
    Satanism, or practicing satanic acts (anything that is an acceptable and praiseworthy act when committed in Hell) is the only way to become possessed by demons or the Fallen angels, hideously ugly and repulsive looking reptilian spirit beings. Before they were cast out of Heaven, they were beautiful. Once you lose God and his love, you become everything that is evil and disgusting: demonic. Demonic entities are alien to earth, although some exist here as the minions of Lucifer. But they can never be named, or they will call you an antisemitic a hater, and hate criminal because you are aware of the truth, that they are your enemies, that they Hate all gentiles, and their souls, then that would ruin their whole agenda and all their plans to corrupt and then destroy the health, values, morals, traditions, family, children, freedom, connection to God souls, religious beliefs, that help them get to heaven. Because their agenda is to bring you all to Hell where you gentiles can be their alien, visitors who will wish every day they could return home or die, for eternity and never get either wish granted, because they worshiped and believed the HATERS who are anti-God, anti-Christ and Anti-Gentile and anti-all LIFE on earth.
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    CERN is a project designed to break the veil that separates the space time dimension of Hell and this world.
    After which, all hell will break lose.

  4. shhhhiiitttt man there are thousands of ALIENS crossing the borders again these pukes dont know what they are talking about

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