Leftists Outraged After Elon Musk BANS Taylor Lorenz From Twitter

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Leftists explode with rage after Taylor Lorenz gets banned from Twitter

Leftists exploded with rage on Saturday night after Washington Post doxer Taylor Lorenz was banned from Twitter along with a host of antifa accounts.

Informationliberation.com reports: Lorenz deleted all of her old tweets before she was suddenly banned on Sunday night. She said she was given no reason for her account getting banned but that’s the norm when you delete all your tweets as Twitter, for whatever technological reason, can no longer cite the specific tweet they banned you over.

Musk banned a host of other journos earlier in the week for sharing links to a “doxing” account that tracks where his jet is flying but reversed course after the masses voted to let them back on.

Despite letting various MSM propagandists back on the site, multiple prominent antifa doxing accounts were banned and their bans have yet to be reversed.


Musk is interacting with Andy Ngo regularly and Ngo is feeding him intel on antifa accounts that violate Twitter’s new rules.

Antifa and their MSM accomplices were given free reign to dox and terrorize private citizens for a decade under Jack Dorsey and Parag Agrawal’s watch.

Now, dozens of their victims are getting their accounts back and returning to the site and Musk is relegating antifa to Telegram and Mastodon.


  1. Telegram are evil I know 100%they are fake They are deceivers. Mastocon would be too Gauranteed.
    No doubt
    Anti fascism is a good movement which every corporation will oppose, but it depends on who is leading it and how they’re planning on fighting fascism. Those who choose to do it by reforming corporate law will have the best chance.

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