Video – Hacked Email Claims Nuclear False Flag Attack Planned For 2015

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In a fairly frightening article, renowned hacker who goes only by the name of “Guccifer” has uncovered what appears to be a massively well planned out “false flag” operation to nuke a city in the United States in 2015.

Guccifer has apparently reached out to the NY Times, who have still not released the emails, which claim to contain solid, undeniable evidence a city in Pennsylvania will be nuked.

Could it be Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, perhaps?

All News Pipeline report:

At the 4 minute 50 second mark of the newly released 1st video below, Paul Joseph Watson joins David Knight to talk about a new claim made by ‘renowned hacker Guccifer’ who warned the NY Times that still unreleased hacked emails detail plans to nuke a US city in 2015.

‘Guccifer’ told the Times that a city in Pennsylvania, leading to speculation that it will be either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, will be targetted as shared in more depth directly from Paul Joseph Watson in the 2nd video below.

Guccifer claims that the hacked emails were from military and intelligence officials.

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