Pope Says Europe’s Rejection of Migrants Is ‘Disgusting, Sinful & Criminal’

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis has denounced Europe’s “scandalous” rejection of migrants.

During his in his Sunday homily, the Pope went off script to say: “The exclusion of migrants is scandalous. Even more, the exclusion of migrants is criminal, it kills them right before our eyes”.

He continued “No, we do not exclude them, we send them away” adding that in reality they are sent “to concentration camps, where they are exploited and sold like slaves”

“Brothers and sisters” the Pontif went on, “today let us call to mind these migrants, especially those who are dying. And those who are able to come in, do we welcome them as brothers and sisters or do we exploit them?”

Brietbart reports: In his homily, the pope proposed that his hearers resist “the temptation to lock ourselves up in self-absorption and to think only of our own needs.”

“Let us ask ourselves if we are really communities truly open and inclusive of all,” he proposed.

Do we “show ourselves welcoming, not only in words but with concrete gestures, to those both near and far, and all those buffeted by the ups and downs of life. Do we make them feel a part of the community? Or do we exclude them?” he asked.

“Please, always be inclusive: in the Church and in society, which is still marred by many forms of inequality and marginalization. Always be inclusive,” he pleaded.

“The migration currently taking place in Europe is causing great suffering and forcing us to open our hearts – that is the migration of Ukrainians fleeing from war,” Francis proposed. “Let us not forget the battered Ukrainian emigrants.”

The pope pointed to the example of a newly canonized saint, Giovanni Battista Scalabrini, who dreamed of “a world and a Church without barriers, where no one is a foreigner.”


  1. Same pope who says you should by all means put your dïck in another man’s bum thinks preserving your national identity is disgusting.

    Does he dare criticize Israel for sterilizing black immigrants by the way?

    • He’s the rule of law Understand? If Israel legally allowed to do its because of him giving his approval. All law comes from Vatican Canon law. Except some fragments of Sharia law in Islamic states.

  2. Since the current pope is so concerned about a nations immigration and multiculturalism etc. He should issue an offical apology for the Catholic Church assisting nazi’s at then end of ww2 do rats runs with assistance of vatican out of Europe.

    • He, the Pope that is, not the “person, the mere mortal person,” did issue a little ting apology, about a square inch buried on about page 27 of the newspaper, ticked away where mo one would find it, the little secret hiding holes they usev, for torturing and murdering and burning to death women and men and boys and girls, and even their dogs and cats, as witches for 450 years though. He said “there were no witches”

      • Many normies and Catholics are not aware of the Nazi assistance to nazis during 1930s and in 1945. Edmund Paris books are good place to start.

        • Correct Bwcuasextbeurw deceived With intentions Most people don’t even understand that Germany wax 95 % Lutheran and the nazis were minority Catholics.

          • Catholics are not minority anywhere they are the largest and most wealthy religion on the planet. Any sources for your claim there were Catholics in 1930s in Germany than protestants?

            Not sure if right or wrong however if you believe you’re right show link a source or ill just assume you’re being partisan pro catholic on the issue. Sounds like an opinion rather than a fact.

    • If the Pope want to get involved in politics, then remove the exempt status from the Catholic church and start paying taxes.

      • People have no idea how thoroughly political the Vatican is. You do not get permission to run for office in America without approval from the Knights of Columbus You do not.

        • You are a liar, it is the zionists who picks their puppets and start the wars and crimes against humanity. No one is fooled so stop with your catholic lies narrative. The problem with zionists like you anon is that you think people are stupid, and there is no fool like a fool that thinks others are fools.

          • How can you combat zionism without combating jesuit catholicism. At this point catholic clergy and institutions are like willing mercenaries for wef, zionist noahide goals.

  3. This is serious This is the crux of the matter.
    Kamala Harris hot with devastating news after signed Document surfaced
    Congress Breaking News .
    This is fundamental to the world’s future. And so no msm here, or that I’m aware of, is reporting it at all.

    • I’m so sick of retards and there rubbish you know Do you have any idea how frustratingly dimple minded and deluded these dim-witted morons actually are? Unbelievably thick Prove of brain damage And really I don’t know why I bother They wouldn’t even understand.

    • Here’s the crux The dems are threatening to destroy democracy unless the house signs the act allowing an UNKNOWN UNIDENTIFIED PERSON to avr taz AUTOCRATIC rule of law Every AG will have to have his permission to make changes to voting laws.
      Guess who.

  4. With over 500,000 sexual crimes on their own catholics since 1950 and records of sexual crimes on their own church? going back to the 1100`s and With BILLIONS of dollars being payed to those molested by the popes&priests I would`nt let any of them lay one hand on me a nice kick to his child molester face would be a called for event IF ANY OF THEM EVER LAYED A HAND ON ME!

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