Kanye West: Satanic Illuminati Elite Have Infested Hollywood

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Los Angeles, Hollywood and the mainstream media have been completely taken over by Satan-worshipping Illuminati elite, according to Ye, or Kanye West, as he's better known.

Los Angeles, Hollywood and the mainstream media have been completely taken over by Satan-worshipping Illuminati elite, according to Ye, or Kanye West, as he’s better known.


Is he right? Let’s start with the mainstream media.

It’s perhaps not a coincidence that the media has made it their mission to destroy Kanye’s reputation. Back when he was rapping about tits, ass, and his piles of gold bars, the media couldn’t get enough of Kanye, praising him to high heaven. As soon as he found God and expanded his scope, the media rounded on him, attempting to destroy him. We’ve seen this play out before, many times. The entertainment industry does not allow artists to free themselves from their chains.

After all, they are the slaves of the entertainment industry.

It is interesting to note the radically different media response given to his former colleague Jay-Z, who regularly praises Satan both subliminally and openly.

And make no mistake, Jay-Z’s influence on popular culture has been huge. He has kids across the country praising Lucifer, whether they realise what they are doing or not. Here’s NBA superstar Kevin Durant:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson hung out with Kanye West in his Los Angeles offices on Thursday.

Carlson posted a photograph of the two in West’s office after West received an intense media backlash for wearing a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt with Candace Owens at a fashion show in Paris. They both posted photos and videos on Instagram of them hanging out, with Kanye’s message declaring “God is Good.”

According to Kanye, the media is “Godless” and he means that literally. The mainstream media has been infested by demons, operating on behalf of the globalist elite. And their agenda is Satanic.

It’s not the first time Kanye has exposed the entertainment industry for what they are.

And he appears to be well aware of the risks in this game. He knows what happened to Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Prince, superstars who rocked the boat and outlived their usefulness for the elite.

In today’s world of manufactured consent, there is simply no room for dissent. The elite control the governments, whose agencies control the media, and anyone who dissents is cast as crazy. Most human beings are terrified of social shaming and for this reason they refrain from speaking openly and sharing their opinions.

For those who overcome their fear and continue to speak out, there are consequences.

It’s a tragic state of affairs because the human race is capable of so much more. We are not supposed to exist in the shadows, unable to truly live, wallowing in fear and complicity with our psychopathic overlords.


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