Swiss Police Reject ‘New World Order’ Lockdowns: “We Work for the People, Not the Elites”

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Swiss police reject New World Order lockdowns

Police in Switzerland are rising up and rejecting the lockdowns imposed by ‘New World Order’ by refusing to enforce them on the general public.

A group representing Swiss police officers wrote a letter to the Swiss Federation of Police Officers (FSFP) declaring that they were considering not enforcing lockdown measures as they disproportionately undermine the fundamental rights of citizens.

“If the measures were to conflict with the general opinion of the population, disproportionately limiting their fundamental rights, many police officers would no longer be willing to apply them,” the group wrote in the letter. reports: While the letter was received favorably by lockdown skeptics, the FSFP attempted to dismiss it by claiming it only represented a small number of police officers.

Adrian Gaugler of the Conference of Cantonal Police Commanders went further, threatening the officers with sanctions if they refused to enforce the measures.

“An officer who refuses to enforce the law can be punished,” said Gaugler.

“Police refusing to enforce coronavirus measures is not unique to Switzerland,” writes Chris Tomlinson.

“Earlier this year, police in the Canadian province of Ontario rejected new powers given by the provincial government that would have allowed them to stop any motorist or pedestrian and demand to know where they live and why they were not at home.”

As we previously highlighted, after lockdown was imposed in Switzerland, calls to private investigators soared as a result of people wanting their neighbors investigated for making too much noise.


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