Pope Francis Met With Illegal Alien Who Went On To Stab Priest and Burn Down Cathedral

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Pope Francis met illegal alien who went on to stab priest to death and burn down cathedral

The Rwandan refugee responsible for executing a French priest and burning down a cathedral in 2019 personally met with Pope Francis prior to his crimes.

According to reports, Emmanuel Abayisenga confessed to killing 60-year-old Olivier Maire, who had welcomed him into his church for months despite the fact that Abayisenga was under investigation for setting fire to Nantes Cathedral last year.

Marine Le Pen was one of few politicians brave enough to point out the obvious, stating, “In France, it is, therefore, possible to be illegal, to set fire to the cathedral, never to be expelled, and to re-offend by murdering a priest.”

Summit.news reports: An investigation by the French Catholic newspaper La Croix revealed that Abayisenga had met Pope Francis during a trip to the Vatican in 2016.

French reporter Arnaud Bédat posted a picture of the meeting on Twitter yesterday after the announcement that the Priest had been killed.

Pope Francis has repeatedly advocated Europe’s absorption of refugees from the Middle East and Africa despite a clear link between uncontrolled migrant crossings, terror attacks, violent crime and sexual assault.

At one point, he even took part in a PR stunt where he washed the feet of several migrants.

As recently as last week, he stated, “Let us open our heart to refugees; let us make their sorrows and their joys our own; let us learn courageous resilience from them!”

Priest Olivier Maire did precisely that and ended up dead. He is by no means the first to have paid the ultimate price.

The terrorist who beheaded a woman and killed two others near a church in Nice, France last October was a Tunisian boat migrant who arrived on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa, Italy.

The Chechen teen who beheaded school teacher Samuel Paty for showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad had also been granted a 10-year residency in France as a refugee the previous March.

The majority of the Paris massacre terrorists exploited the refugee wave to enter Europe.

The three terrorists who went on a knife rampage in Lyon in April 2020 were also Sudanese refugees.

Seems to be a pattern emerging here.


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