Video: Why Do People Cry In The Shower?

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cry in the shower

Why do people cry in the shower more so than in other places?  Is it the privacy? The intimacy of being alone and in a private place?  A new article in New York Magazine examines this phenomenon and GeoBeats News has made a great video piece on the subject.

GeoBeats reports:  

A recent New York magazine article presents the likely reasons that people cry in the shower based on an assessment of related psychological studies.

While the reasons for why we cry are not yet fully understood, apparently many of us turn to the embrace of a shower when the tears fall – but why is this? According to a recent New York magazine article, the behavior is likely motivated by different psychological reasons. While data specific to the action does not exist and could be hard to measure, related research could help shed some light on driving factors.

Privacy is one, as evidenced in a 2008 study that found 62 percent of participants reported to crying at home, and 35 percent of incidences happened when alone. This isolationist behavior could be a survival mechanism against possible attacks when vulnerable. Another possible reason for crying in the shower is that the warm water is a means of comfort similar to that of adding an extra layer of clothing.

Guilt may also be a factor, as another study found that the shower and other cleaning tools like soap and mouthwash become more popular when thinking about previous bad behavior.