Dubai Security Chief Warns Of “Clash Of Civilisations” After Trump Victory

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Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Bin Tamim

A security chief for the Emirate of Dubai has issued a warning over the prospects of a Donald Trump presidency in the United States.

The deputy chairman of police and general security in Dubai, Lt Gen Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, took to Twitter, warning of a “clash of civilisations” if the Republican candidate wins the US election

Arabian Business reports:

Referencing political scientist Samuel P Huntington’s theory that future wars would be fought between cultures, Tamim warned that a Trump win could see him face ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“If Trump beats Hillary (Clinton), that means that the scenario of the clash of civilisations created by Samuel will come to light at the hands of the candidate and al-Baghdadi,” Tamim wrote.
On Thursday, Trump refused to back away from his recent statement that “Islam hates the West” during a Republican debate in Miami, which followed his comments in December when he called for a ban on Muslims entering the US.

Those comments caused outrage in the Gulf region with leading businessmen lining up to criticise Trump.

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal blasted Trump on Twitter, calling him a “disgrace” and saying he should pull out of the race for the White House as he “will never win”.

UAE tycoon Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor earlier ruled out any chance of working with Trump, saying he didn’t trust him anymore.trump-new-world-order
Branding Trump “the biggest enemy of Islam” over his call to ban Muslims from entering the US, Al Habtoor said he was no longer supporting his bid for power.

One of the Middle East’s largest retailers, Landmark Group, also announced it was to stop selling Trump-branded products following the controversial Muslim ban comments.

Trump has for years looked to do business in the Middle East, particularly in the Gulf and the emirate of Dubai. He has lent his name to two high-profile Dubai golf course projects and an ongoing real estate development.


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