London Mayor Says President Trump Only Cares About White People

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The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is continuing his long-standing feud with the US President, this time claiming that Donald Trump only cares about “White America”.

Khan, who is Muslim and a long-time critic of the US President, said he felt “the long shadow of Donald Trump’s agenda” in the UK.

Breitbart reports: Indulging in the identity politics which have become a staple of the modern Labour Party, Khan accused President Trump of being racist by suggesting that his campaign slogan “America First” really meant “White America First”.

The mayor also said that President Trump is the “the very opposite of what NATO is all about”.

“The concern we have is when President Trump talks about America First — does he really mean White America First? That’s a big concern for many of us,” Khan said in an interview with CNN.

Khan also said that President Trump “on many, many occasions… gives us the impression that all he cares about is White America”.

“When you see… the President of the USA calling people rapists because they happen to be Mexican, having a travel ban against people of my faith, that leads to huge concerns across the world,” he claimed.

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