MSNBC: ‘Lets Go Brandon’ Is an Insurrection Plot

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MSNBC declares that Let's Go Brandon is part of a new insurrection plot

MSNBC has declared that the phrase ‘Lets go Brandon’ is part of a “slow-moving insurrection” by Trump supporters which must be stopped at all costs.

Yes, really.

Following the hilarious prank last week of a man saying ‘Lets go Brandon’ during a phone call to Joe Biden, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace warned during her Monday show that the Biden administration and law enforcement must take the ‘threat’ more seriously.

Wallace played a clip of former Oregon police officer trolling Biden on Christmas, noting that Schmeck later appeared on Steve Bannon’s radio show, telling the host that it is important to “voice disapproval”.

“Let me tell you why this matters,” Wallace began. “The asymmetry has always been what advantages the Trump right more than anything else. And the asymmetry of saying ‘F you’ to a sitting President on a call in front of your four kids – don’t look past this.”

“Don’t look at this as a story about giving air time to a MAGA guy who goes on Steve Bannon’s podcast and said I wasn’t joking. Not only did I say ‘F you’, Mr. President. I said more than that,” Wallace added. reports: The host then turned to contributor Jason Johnson and said “this is the slow-motion insurrection, Jason, in, in full color.”

Johnson replied, “these people are basically just insurrectionists in training now.”

He further declared “MAGA isn’t about taxes. You know, Let’s go Brandon isn’t about what you feel about supply chain issues and gas. It is the cry of insurrectionists. It is the cry of people who want to violently take over this country and oppress anyone who is not like them,” Johnson claimed.


Here, for context is Schmeck on Bannon’s War Room:

This is exactly the reason MSNBC viewership is in terminal decline.

The network spent four years telling people Trump was installed by the Russian government in a silent coup and now says it is ‘insurrection’ to criticise a sitting president.

This meme comes to mind:


  1. I don’t see ‘Let’s go Brandon’ as being about left vs right or democrat vs republican. The whole thing started when a news reporter tried to blatantly misrepresent something that was actually happening live, right in front of her. It’s symbolic of this age we live in, and particularly symbolic of the insincere politics of the US (and the UK).

    ‘Let’s go Brandon’ is about getting power away from the politicians, away from the media elite, away from the corporates, and back to the people. Anything that tries to stop that is oppression.

  2. I’m smelling a hint of stinking hypocrisy. If she’s correct, then every Leftist Lib who said Trump wasn’t their President is equally guilty of insurrection. If my nose can be trusted, she’s probably one of them.

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