North Korea Warns Of ‘Very Grave Situation’ For US After Biden’s’Big Blunder’

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North Korea has warned that the United States faces “a very grave situation” because President Biden “made a big blunder” in his recent speech by calling the country a security threat and revealing that he intends to maintain a hostile policy against it.

In his first address to Congress, Biden called North Korea’s and Iran’s nuclear programs “serious threats” to American and world security and said he will be working with allies to address those problems through diplomacy and stern deterrence.

Kwon Jong-gun, a senior North Korean Foreign Ministry official, said on Sunday. “His statement clearly reflects his intent to keep enforcing the hostile policy toward the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) as it had been done by the US for over half a century

RT reports: Kwon called Biden’s position – referring to Pyongyang’s deterrence against “constant nuclear blackmail” as a “threat” – an “illogical” encroachment on North Korea’s sovereign right to self-defense. US nuclear war exercises held shortly after Biden’s inauguration in January “proved in action who really threatens whom on the Korean peninsula and clearly showed that one must build a powerful deterrence to counter the US.”

A worsening crisis will spin out of control for the US if Washington retains “outdated policy from a Cold War-minded perspective and viewpoint,” Kwon said. Biden “made a big blunder in the light of the present-day viewpoint,” he added, and by disparaging Pyongyang in his first speech to Congress, the president made clear his hostile North Korean policies.

“We will be compelled to press for corresponding measures and, with time, the US will find itself in a very grave situation,” Kwon said.

The Washington-Pyongyang relationship appears to be veering off the track preferred by South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has repeatedly urged Biden to build on the progress made by former President Donald Trump and reopen peace talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in late March that Biden doesn’t intend to meet with Kim.


  1. North Korea back in the boogie man role. When will the American people stop being so stupid?

    • Never while the government t is filled with lying deceiving frauds looking after their own welfare.

    • NK like China both owned by the CIA. CIA took over the entire planet decades ago. They have to fake it now, that ther is some kind of discord. CIA works for the 5th Reich Germans. Not a joke. Germans own this planet.

      • that is what i have come to know, except the CIA is not the owner, it is their masters that own them. the owners of the central banks. they own the CIA. the owners of the Central banks are the top of the pyramid. the things you mentioned are assets of the central banks.

  2. you have to realize what is really going on here. Biden has very little to do with it. The owners of the Federal Reserve Bank need a way out of the US dollar. they have to destroy the USA in order to get out of this trap they made for themselves. It is the Federal Reserve Bank that is and will systematically destroy the USA, in hopes that the collapse of the US dollar wont be blamed on them. Biden is a tool. The bank has bought the US government with their printed money.

    • No Theyve wet the Fed up to destroy America Its EXACTLY the plan and Bidens mob are in there to keep the lifes on the truth and keep people looking away .The worst thing for them would be for the people to wake up Which of Trump demise didn’t make clear them nothing will and the people are hopelessly stupid But they’re not but the msm make sure everyone thinks everyone else is That’s the modus operandi ,to make people feel isolated

    • This little planet we live on is owned by people who are now trying to convince YOU that they own you also. There is a lot more going on than we know. Go outside and look up. Read about how BIG the universe is..of course you have. And you know.

  3. Dementia Hoes just suckung up to the billionaires owners of the military industrial complex .Hoping for a big hand out no doubt.

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