Trump On Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell – “The Real Pictures Haven’t Been Exposed Yet”

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Trump and hunter biden

During his speech at North Carolina’s GOP convention, Donald Trump made an interesting statement regarding Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.

The 45th president told the crowd that Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” contains horrible pictures.

But then he added that “The real pictures haven’t been exposed yet.”

TGP reports: Last week Garrett Ziegler, the man who founded the nonprofit research group Marco Polo, created a new site called

The site contains thousands of photos of Hunter Biden from 2008-2019.

Most of the photos from Ziegler’s site have been floating around the web for a while now.

By now, most of Hunter Biden’s pictures and metadata from his laptop have already been published on several occasions.

Which raises a question does Trump have new photos that will expose the Biden family once again?

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