Calls Mount for Official Investigation into Athletes Dropping Like Flies

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Calls mount for investigation into athletes dropping like flies

Calls are mounting for an official investigation into the large number of athletes mysteriously collapsing with heart problems mid-game.

Former England footballer Matt Le Tissier urged authorities to launch an investigation on Friday into the spate of athletes collapsing with sudden heart problems, declaring that he is not an “anti-vaxxer” and just wants more information.

Manchester United’s Victor Lindelof, Napoli midfielder Piotr Zielinski, and Martin Terrier of French club Rennes were all recently forced to stop mid-game due to severe heart and breathing problems.

“It’s been very concerning for me watching the sport that I love and I played for 17 years…in all that time that I played I never once saw any footballer leave the pitch because of heart issues,” Le Tissier told GB News.

“Now I’m sorry, but if anybody can look at what’s happening now in the world of sport and say it’s normal for all of these people to be having heart issues, in football matches, cricket matches, basketball matches, any sport you wish, these people, the amount of people that are suffering is going through the roof,” he warned. reports: Le Tissier says he is calling for an investigation with the caveat, “It might not be to do with the vaccine, it may not be, but let’s have an investigation to find out what it is.”

“Even saying that deems you to be some kind of anti-vaxxer, which is absolutely disgusting,” said Le Tissier, referring to the treatment of people who dare raise the issue.

“I want just some information, I want people to take a look at what is happening in football, have a proper investigation and give us some answers as to why so many sports people are suffering with heart issues – it’s not difficult,” he concluded.

During a viral podcast with Joe Rogan which was subsequently censored by YouTube, Dr. Peter McCullough warned that soccer players collapsing could be linked to vaccine-induced myocarditis.

McCullough warned that myocarditis has become at least 50% more common than predicted by US public health ‘experts.’

However, other health experts have insisted that high profile football players suddenly collapsing with heart problems in the middle of games is just a “coincidence.”

According to a report by Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz, there has been a “5-fold increase in sudden cardiac deaths of FIFA players in 2021.”

As we previously highlighted, when one ex-pro dared to suggest a connection to vaccines during a live radio broadcast, he was censored in real time.


  1. Well people might actually finally come to
    realize the truth. Well some might The over conditioned ivervinstituionised brainwashed victims of propagandas wlill never know. Or will never have the courage to say. One or the other.

    • Over institutionalised. And that’s the tertiary educated just as much as the reform school subjects. And the members of secret or secretive societies also “Nothing that is done in secret comes from God” The Bible. And that includes church derz who kerp secret personal files just as much as any business sharing personal information about the public secretly in their faces and under their nosesx

  2. we need some real microbiologists to do some real antibody profiling and find out why these pathogens are infecting all the warm blooded and WTF is going down at warp speed.We need the WHO back and the CDC to let in the real microbiology biotech experts who can teach our out of touch college complex what the F to do and how to track map and chart the covid`s pathogenica routings and get us some antibody profiles so we know WHO needs the shots and who has the right immunoassay already

  3. I’d be curious to know which jab they received. It seems there are more european athletes who are dying or having heart issues than in the US.

  4. Only reason to investigate would be to come up with something other than the obvious explanation . . . All you have to do is look at Pfizer’s phase 3 trials to see the vaxed group had more deaths by heart attack than the placebo group – in fact the vaxed group had higher overall mortality than the placebo group – but 1 less covid death so here we are.

    And the other vaccines are more deadly than Pfizer . . .

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