Brother Of Bassist Who Died Suddenly This Month Says He Fell Ill After Having Covid Booster

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Happy Mondays

Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder has spoken out about the moment his brother bass player Paul Ryder was discovered dead in his bed by their Mother Linda last week

The musician, 59, is planning to take to the stage with the Happy Mondays next month but he says it will be difficult to get used to the idea of his brother not being there.

Paul who was 58 was found dead in bed by his mother Linda last week after he died suddenly and unexpectedly.

Shaun revealed that his younger brother had been complaining of a bad headache after returning from the US just before his death.

He said: “It’s a mad one as he does that flight all the time from LA to here. But the day before he got on the flight he had to have that covid booster injection in The States.…..He lands and starts complaining about this headache. It was murdering him. Our mam wanted him to go to A&E but he said ‘no I’ve got to go to rehearsals’.

“So he gets to rehearsals and he can’t recognise any of the band. He can’t recognise the drummer Gaz or anyone.”

The Mail Online reports: Shaun said Paul went to stay at his mother Linda’s in Salford, putting himself to bed after taking painkillers for a headache.

Linda went in to check on Paul at 6am to find him dead and discover ‘rigor mortis had set in’.

He said, according to The Sun: ‘When the ambulance came they said it looked like it had been a blood clot or a brain tumour, but it’s just weird that he’d had that Covid booster the day before.

We’ll find out as there’s got to be an autopsy so it means we won’t be able to bury him for about another two weeks.’

It emerged last week that Happy Mondays bassist Paul has died suddenly aged 58.

The musician was found dead on Monday just hours before the band were due to play at Kubix Festival in Sunderland on Friday.

Shaun, 59, and Paul were the original founders of The Happy Mondays that first formed in Salford in 1980.

The band paid tribute with a Facebook post which read: ‘The Ryder family and Happy Mondays band members are deeply saddened and shocked to say that Paul Ryder passed away this morning.

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