Retired Four-Star General Claims US Behind Nord Stream Pipeline Attack

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Nord stream pipelines

In a leaked video retired four-star General Stanley A. McChrystal, who was removed from his command by Barack Obama following critical comments on his administration, suggests that the United States was behind the Nord Stream pipeline bombing

The decorated general voiced the speculations during a covertly recorded conversation that was secretly recorded and subsequently leaked.

McChrystal’s remarks corroborate a report released in February by journalist Seymour Hersh that details how US forces under the direction of the Biden regime “took out” the Nord Stream pipeline in an attempt to bolster his chances of reelection in 2024.

InfoWars reports: The leaked video obtained by Valuetainment Media shows McChrystal, best known for heading the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) during the Iraq War, having an off-record conversation about Russia.

“There’s no obvious better solution than Russia. I think Putin ought to go, but there’s nobody that I’m aware of standing on the wings,” the general began in the short clip.

When asked who he thought was behind the Nord Stream bombing, McChrystal explained that he and his son, who works in the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), didn’t believe Russia or Ukraine was behind the bombing.

“My son is the leader of the in energy team at DIA,” said McChrystal. “He didn’t think that the Russians did it… He didn’t think that the Ukrainians did it either.”

McChrystal went on to explain how the U.S. was the only nation positioned to benefit from the Nord Stream bombing.

“There are people who benefited from it, and that was people who produced natural gas around the world,” said McChrystal. “So if you really want to get conspiracies, the United States made more money off that deal than anybody else.”

“But yeah, but that’s because we were huge beneficiaries, and we changed our policy. We started providing liquid natural gas overseas and, you know,” he said.

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