Seymour Hersh Report: ‘US Bombed Nord Stream Pipeline’

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Nord stream pipeline

“The New York Times called it a “mystery,” but the United States executed a covert sea operation that was kept secret—until now”

According to an explosive report by Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, the US planned the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines well in advance of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine and executed the bombing with the utmost secrecy to avoid being exposed for committing “an act of waragainst Russia.

The Biden Administration’s decision to destroy the Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea was also a direct attack on the German people and their economy.

The Biden administration has denied Hersh’s report calling it “utterly false and complete fiction.”

Russia however has responded and is demanding that the Biden White House answer for the claims presented.

Infowars reports: Hersh published an article Wednesday on SubStack called “How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline” laying out the planning and operational stages of the military’s directive to destroy the Nord Stream pipelines at the direction of the Biden regime, according to sources “close to the operation.”

Last June, the Navy divers, operating under the cover of a widely publicized mid-summer NATO exercise known as BALTOPS 22, planted the remotely triggered explosives that, three months later, destroyed three of the four Nord Stream pipelines, according to a source with direct knowledge of the operational planning.

Two of the pipelines, which were known collectively as Nord Stream 1, had been providing Germany and much of Western Europe with cheap Russian natural gas for more than a decade. A second pair of pipelines, called Nord Stream 2, had been built but were not yet operational. Now, with Russian troops massing on the Ukrainian border and the bloodiest war in Europe since 1945 looming, President Joseph Biden saw the pipelines as a vehicle for Vladimir Putin to weaponize natural gas for his political and territorial ambitions.

Asked for comment, Adrienne Watson, a White House spokesperson, said in an email, “This is false and complete fiction.” Tammy Thorp, a spokesperson for the Central Intelligence Agency, similarly wrote: “This claim is completely and utterly false.”

Biden’s decision to sabotage the pipelines came after more than nine months of highly secret back and forth debate inside Washington’s national security community about how to best achieve that goal. For much of that time, the issue was not whether to do the mission, but how to get it done with no overt clue as to who was responsible.

Hersh explained that, according to his sources, top Biden officials convened in Dec. 2021 to begin planning how to respond to Putin’s impending invasion of Ukraine, which took place two months later.

In December of 2021, two months before the first Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, Jake Sullivan convened a meeting of a newly formed task force—men and women from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, and the State and Treasury Departments—and asked for recommendations about how to respond to Putin’s impending invasion.

It would be the first of a series of top-secret meetings, in a secure room on a top floor of the Old Executive Office Building, adjacent to the White House, that was also the home of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB). There was the usual back and forth chatter that eventually led to a crucial preliminary question: Would the recommendation forwarded by the group to the President be reversible—such as another layer of sanctions and currency restrictions—or irreversible—that is, kinetic actions, which could not be undone?

What became clear to participants, according to the source with direct knowledge of the process, is that Sullivan intended for the group to come up with a plan for the destruction of the two Nord Stream pipelinesand that he was delivering on the desires of the President.

Over the next several meetings, the participants debated options for an attack. The Navy proposed using a newly commissioned submarine to assault the pipeline directly. The Air Force discussed dropping bombs with delayed fuses that could be set off remotely. The CIA argued that whatever was done, it would have to be covert. Everyone involved understood the stakes. “This is not kiddie stuff,” the source said. If the attack were traceable to the United States, “It’s an act of war.”

Eventually, the CIA came up with a covert operation involving a diving team, modified submarines, and explosives.

Throughout “all of this scheming,” the source said, “some working guys in the CIA and the State Department were saying, ‘Don’t do this. It’s stupid and will be a political nightmare if it comes out.’”

Nevertheless, in early 2022, the CIA working group reported back to Sullivan’s interagency group: “We have a way to blow up the pipelines.”

Notably, just weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine, Joe Biden suggested the Nord Stream pipelines would be destroyed if Russia invaded.

“I want to be very clear to you today,” she said in response to a question. “If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.”

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