Biden Again Calls His Granddaughter “My Son Beau”

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Joe Biden

The day after falling off his bike, Joe Biden, who was still at the beach in Delaware, snapped at a reporter who asked if the US was heading for a recession.

The president had to be ushered away by members of his family, including his granddaughter Natalie who Biden introduced as his deceased son Beau.

The reporter asked specifically about a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal that found a group of economists believed there was a 44 percent chance of the country entering a recession.

Summit News reports: Biden snapped at the reporter, “The majority of them aren’t saying that. Come on, don’t make things up, okay? Now you sound like a Republican politician.”

Then he bizarrely stated “I’m joking. That was a joke, but all kidding aside, I don’t think it is.”

Following the testy exchange, Biden’s daughter and granddaughter eventually pulled him away and told reporters they couldn’t ask anymore questions.

But the most bizarre part of it was Biden putting his arm around his granddaughter and saying “This is my SON Beau. She’s trying to tell me DAD, Grandpa, Pop, keep going, you promised me we’d walk.”

His granddaughter also told reporters that Biden had been doing puzzles.

This isn’t the first time Biden has said his grand daughter is his deceased son.

It’s common among Alzheimer sufferers that they begin to struggle to distinguish members of their family from one another.

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