Scientists & Celebrities Call For A ‘New Normal’ After Coronavirus Pandemic

Fact checked

A host of celebrities and scientists do not want the world to ‘go back to normal’ after the coronavirus lockdowns

Stars including Madonna, Robert de Niro along with some Nobel Prize winners want to see radical change in the world rather than “a return to normal”

Yahoo News reports: Hollywood stars Cate Blanchett, Jane Fonda, Marion Cotillard and Monica Bellucci also added their names to the open letter published in the French daily Le Monde pleading for an end to unbridled consumerism and a “radical transformation” of economies to help save the planet.

“We believe it is unthinkable to ‘go back to normal’,” said the letter which was also signed by Nobel laureates for medicine, chemistry and physics as well as peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus.

They said the pandemic was a tragedy but it was a chance for humanity to “examine what is essential”.

“Adjustments are not enough. The problem is systemic,” the letter added.

“The ongoing ecological catastrophe is a meta-crisis. Unlike a pandemic… a global ecological collapse will have immeasurable consequences,” it said.

The 200 signatories said it was time for leaders “to leave behind the unsustainable logic that still prevails and to undertake a profound overhaul of our goals, values, and economies.


  1. Twisted perverse deceitful persons who know the facts but follow the supreme leaders command for the money. I wish I had the words Mel Gibson used tobtellnrhevtruth about the scene they all are party too handy But there at truth seeker news.Also in the daily mail and as told on the Graham Norton show Ild news now from about 10 -12y years ago. But worth reminding. Honest description of the in crowd .

  2. They’ll get their request, just not they way they thought. Their world will never be the same & many of them will soon be dispatched to hell & their father, satan.

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