Former John Kerry Official Arrested for Child Rape

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Former John Kerry official arrested and charged with child rape

The former special agent in charge of John Kerry’s protective detail was arrested in Virginia Tuesday on child rape charges.

John Scott Moretti, 58, was taken into custody after special victims detectives concluded an investigation into the sexual assault of a girl aged 10 at a home in the Manassas area between November 2011 and 2013, according to Prince William County police spokesperson Renee Carr.

The alleged victim knows Moretti and reported the rape to police in September 2019. Moretti is charged with indecent liberties and forcible sodomy, Carr told reporters.

Up until 2018, Moretti was the state department’s Deputy Assistant Secretary and Assistant Director for Training for the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. He was hired in July 2015 and directed antiterrorism assistance training and delivery of security and law-enforcement personnel in partner nations, the state department website says.

Prior to that job, Moretti was the special agent in charge of Diplomatic Security’s Washington Field Office. From January 2013 to April 2015, he served as the special agent in charge of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s protective detail. 


  1. Typical The only odd thing is he got caught It will be very interesting to see how that happened. I wonder if its the first of President Trumps special task force into pedophilia and human trafficking units successes.?

    • The only thing that shocks me is that a law enforcement still exists to catch and arrest these guys. I thought they were all paid to protect the pedos.

    • It isn’t the first by a long shot, there have been thousands arrested who are trafficking, raping kids, even heads of child trafficking rings have been arrested. See Kip Simpson channel on You Tube, he keeps track of arrests.

  2. how does that even work to rape a 10 year old?!!! I can’t imagine the evil and horror. but, I am not a democrat either.

  3. And this animal wasn’t selected to be close to Kerry and others just because he was good at his job.. he had secrets to keep and would keep others’ secrets. All the Western nation ‘Royals’ are tied up in these activities and scandalous behaviors. It sometimes appears it is a rite of passage to the inner circles of power.. Disgusting.

  4. The interesting thing is his role as diplomatic security chief In that position he would be interacting with diplomats and embassies across the globe and would have friends and associates everywhere. Like minded individuals most likely. Most likely russians Chinese english arabs germans all in his confidence. Course you will never hear about russian , Chinese or Arab pedophilia because they’re such total police states any hint of the truth getting out there wouldn’t have a chance of survival at all .But common se se says the human trafficking of. Children is global and that’s why police everywhere just bury the tens of thousands of missing children reports .,”they’re all in it together ” Princess Di

  5. Theres more to it He was Hilary Clinton’s staff when she secretary if state He was immensely involved in everything important in iraq and everywhere else Anerica had anything to do with He was a very very important player in the whole democratic administration globally. Very high security clearance About the highest possible And totally responsible for monitoring all diplomatic immunity activities, substances cash drugs contraband etcetera .

  6. And if you look you will find another John Moretti now deceased 2015 special cia agent who likely was his relation Engaged in very similar activities and with the usual cia religious background

  7. And hes like the notorious serial killer Russel William’s The commandant if Canada’s most important Air Force Base ,former pilot to the Queen .He was murdering his neighbours daughters for ages ,pretending he was going put to ease his back pain ,which he was being medicated heavily for as it all began .He confessed to spare his wife any embarrassment when he reizex the cops had found his stash of child print. He nirs or less agreed to confess if the cops kept the pedophilia secret from his wife ,Mary beth HARRIMAN

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