Syrian Commander: Thousands Of ISIS Terrorists Escaped Under Secret Pentagon Deal

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Syrian Commander says thousands of ISIS militants were allowed to escape through secret US deal

A senior Syrian Commander has accused the US of allowing thousands of ISIS terrorists to escape Syria as part of a secret deal between the Pentagon and the Islamic State. 

General Talal Silo, the former commander in the Syrian Democratic Forces told Reuters that the SDF took busloads of ISIS radicals out of Raqqa for three days in October. reports: A security official in Turkey also gave a similar account of ISIS fighters in Syria.

After SDF claimed to successfully ousted ISIS from Raqqa in October, General Silo handed himself over to Turkey, an opponent of Kurdish efforts in northern Syria.

Later, he said that the US-led coalition let significantly more ISIS militants out of the embattled city than it previously claimed.

In mid-October, Silo was one of the SDF’s officials who told the media that fewer than 300 ISIS fighters left Raqqa with their families while others would fight on.

On Friday, Silo told Reuters: “[An] agreement was reached for the terrorists to leave, about 4,000 people, them and their families,”, adding that all but about 500 who fled were ISIS fighters.

Last month after a BBC News investigation, a secret agreement between the US-backed SDF and ISIS was first disclosed.

Although the US-led coalition denied any agreements, acknowledging that its partner had let convoys depart the city allegedly on humanitarian grounds.

Silo said his armies blocked all travel to Raqqa in October for three days to cover up the exit of thousands of ISIS fighters and hundreds of their family.

Silo told Reuters “It was all theater,” he added: “The announcement was a cover for those who left for Deir Ezzor,”.

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