VIDEO: New Documentary Exposes Identity of Man Behind Georgia Guidestones

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Georgia Guidestones

We have reported many times on the mysterious “Georgia Guidestones” – America’s “stonehenge” that has a very dark and mysterious background.  

Now, a new documentary entitled “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” (see our previous article on this film and a trailer here) from Chris Pinto of Adullam Films, exposes the identity of R.C. Christian – the mysterious man behind the stones that seem to call for a massive depopulation of humanity.

According to Intellihub:

In part one and part two of the interview below, Pinto describes how they uncovered the identity of R.C. Christian, his connections to the Eugenics and depopulation agenda, how this all fits in with bible prophecy, the elites’ plan for a “global government,” and more.

Pinto also explains why the Georgia Guidestones are referred to as the 10 commandments of the antichrist, as well as connecting them to events and statements we are hearing pushed by the elites in the present day.

Key quote from Pinto –  “To me that’s the most disturbing part of the monument, is it seems to call for the abolishment of Christianity, and we’re seeing such a war on Christianity in the world today. ”

Royce Christyn
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