Video: Spots on Pluto 300 Miles in Diameter Mystify Scientists

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Scientists at NASA are stymied at 3 equidistant 300 mile in diameter circles that seem to have appeared on Pluto, below it’s equator.

According to GeoBeats News [1]:

A lead researcher stated, “It’s a real puzzle—we don’t know what the spots are, and we can’t wait to find out.”

They were noticed in images that were composited from black-and-white shots taken by the New Horizon probe’s Long Range Reconnaissance Imager with some data in color provided by the Ralph instrument.

The team is hoping to uncover more about the unusual phenomenon as the spacecraft gets closer to Pluto.

Thus far, the probe has covered three billion miles in nine years and only has 9.5 million miles left–a distance it is expected to travel in under two weeks.

In addition to the spots, astronomers are eager to learn more about the noticeable differences in appearance between Pluto and its moon Charon.

They also hope to further explore the methane recently detected on the dwarf planet’s surface.



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