Hillary Clinton Vows To Take On NRA And Ban Guns

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Hillary Clinton has vowed to take on the National Rifle Association (NRA) if she becomes president by initiating a debate on gun control with the aim of banning guns in America. 

Speaking in Iowa City on Tuesday, Clinton said, “I’m going to speak out against the uncontrollable use of guns in our country because I believe we can do better“.

Bearingarms.com reports:

A few days earlier, she said in Hanover, N.H.: “We have to take on the gun lobby. . . . This is a controversial issue. I am well aware of that. But I think it is the height of irresponsibility not to talk about it.”

Many Democratic strategists said campaigning on guns is smart politics for Hillary Clinton both in the primary and, should she become the nominee, in the general election.

Gun control is one of the few issues on which Clinton has a more left-leaning record than Sanders, who represents a rural, pro-gun-rights state and has voted in the past for legislation to protect the firearms industry. Although Clinton has not attacked Sanders by name, by invoking guns she makes an unspoken contrast.

The issue also fits neatly into the overall narrative Clinton is trying to present. She can stake out a bold stance on an issue that plays well with the liberal base while arguing that she would break through the partisan stalemate in Washington.
I sincerely and honestly hope that Hillary Clinton follows the advice of her strategists. I hope she takes firm, concrete, articulated positions against firearms.

Where does Hillary Clinton stand on the ownership of AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles, which have proven to be the most popular rifles sold in the United States, and the 20-round and 30-round standard-capacity magazines that they use? Would she attempt to ban them, as her husband did in 1994?

Where does Mrs. Clinton stand on concealed carry laws, which have spread across the nation?

Does Mrs. Clinton support gun permitting schemes, most of which were passed by racist Democrats of her generation or earlier in order to disarm minorities that they found to be inferior, and of whom they are still afraid?

Does Mrs. Clinton agree with Michael Bloomberg that minority men should be disarmed?

Please, tell us all about which gun laws you would impose upon us, Mrs. Clinton.

Tell us which common guns, magazines, and ammunition you want to ban, Hillary.

Inform those lesser Americans who aren’t as smart as you why they should have their self-defense rights curtailed, even as you champion positions that will make the government more powerful and more dangerous to liberty.

Let’s have that conversation.

I can’t wait.


  1. instead of shutting down the NRA, WE need to shut her down & lock the witch up for life.[all the murders that she had her hand in & guilty for being part of]

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