Salisbury Hospital: Sergei Skripal Was Poisoned By Fentanyl, Not Novichok

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Sergei Skripal Was Poisoned By Fentanyl Not Novichok

Doctors who treated former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury say he was poisoned by Fentanyl, not Novichok as the UK government claim. 

Fentanyl is a powerful opioid, 10,000 times stronger than heroin and deadly in relatively small doses. reports: This evidence was published on March 5th in the “Clinical Services Journal“.

I.E. the day after the Skripal’s were poisoned on March 4th.

This article was spread widely on twitter from late April 26th and on April 27th.

The above article was doctored sometime after 2pm on 27th April, to remove any reference to Fentanyl.

Who doctored the article?

Why was this done?

If the article was wrong when it was published on March 5th why wasn’t it corrected sooner?

Why was the article suddenly changed 7 weeks after the event, just when it was getting some traction on Twitter?

I took a screen shot of the article and tweeted it out around 2pm Friday 27th.

The reference to poisoning by Fentanyl was still contained in the article at this time.

So how did the Skripal’s survive a deadly attack by “Military Grade” Novichok nerve agent?

Here is an archived version of the article, with the references to Fentanyl, taken on 26th April at 10pm.

If the Skripals were poisoned with Fentanyl, this would explain why they didn’t immediately die within 2 minutes (inhalation) or 20 minutes (skin absorption) from deadly “Military Grade” Novichok nerve agent smeared on Sergei Skripal’s front door handle.

It would also explain why none of the members of the public who cared for the Skripals on the park bench and none of the Paramedics in the ambulance crew got sick.

Traces of Novichok could have been added to the blood samples taken from the Skripals and given to Porton Down for testing.
There are other possibilities, such as the Skripals first being poisoned with Fentanyl at the Park Bench and then being poisoned with a very tiny, less than lethal, dose of Novichok at the hospital sometime after the Skripals were admitted.

The above doesn’t explain what happened to Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey who the UK government also alleged was poisoned by Novichok.

Again no public statement or on camera interview with Nick Bailey has been published in the media.

The Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police issued a meaningless statement of Nick thanking the carers at Salisbury Hospital and saying he didn’t want to speak to anyone from the Press.

This statement was very obviously drafted by someone in MI5/Whitehall.

Fentanyl poisoning WOULD explain NHS Consultant for Emergency Care at Salisbury Hospital, Steven Davies, who said in a letter to the Times, that NO patients were treated for “nerve agent poisoning” at Salisbury Hospital.

Three people were treated for being poisoned by something else – these three people are presumably Sergei Skripal, Yulia Skripal and Nick Bailey.

N.B. Stephen Davies is a bona fide NHS Consultant at Salisbury Hospital – the Times interviewed him the day after his letter was published.

Possible use of BZ Toxin in the Skripal Poisoning

This possibility needs further clarification. It is an evolving story.

It comes from a leaked report by the Swiss Lab, who were asked to test the Skripal blood samples by the OPCW.

The leaked report was given to Sergei Lavrov – Russian Foreign Minister, who then reported it to the media. Sergei Lavrov is noted for being very careful with his words and actions. I have yet to see him tell a lie so he is a very credible witness.

Lavrov is the EXACT OPPOSITE to Boris Johnson who is extremely ignorant about world affairs, constantly lies and recklessly shouts his mouth off all the time, making wild accusations without the slightest shred of evidence.

The report given to Lavrov has not been made public and remains “confidential”.

The OPCW have refused to publish the full contents of the report from the Swiss Lab and their carefully selected extract didn’t mention BZ toxin, nor did it make any reference to “Novichok” or “Russians” – hmmmm!

The OPCW have refused to publish the formula of the chemical compound the Swiss Lab identified as the poison. The chemical formula remains a secret. Why?

The chemical formulas of Novichok Nerve agents were published in a book 10 years ago, which is available on Amazon for about $20 – hmmmm again!


The possibility remains that the whole Skripal poisoning was a hoax and nobody was actually poisoned.

Sergei Skripal might have been paid to stage the whole thing and then offered a portion of the money to his daughter.

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