CIA Release ‘Psychic Spy’ Manual Explaining How To ‘Remote View’ Mars

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CIA declassifies psychic spy manual, detailing how to remote view Mars

The CIA has declassified a how-to guide on remote viewing which instructs people how to use their innate psychic skills to visit the planet Mars. 

The eight page manual reveals the U.S. government’s decades-long psychic research program in which agents ‘visited’ Mars, predicted the rise of Trump, and prevented as-yet unknown cataclysmic disasters. reports: From the late ’70s to the mid ’90s, the Army, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and others all looked into the applications of “remote viewing,” psychically inducing agents to locate, identify, and describe specific remote targets and locations.

For a program with such far-reaching geopolitical repercussions, it was clear that the process needed some form of standardization. The United States Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity’s “GRILL FLAME PROTOCOL, AMSAA APPLIED REMOTE VIEWING PROTOCOL,” is an attempt to thoroughly test and detail the process of remote viewing to establish it as a part of their overall intelligence gathering efforts.

The eight page document includes the military objectives and applications of the program, key term definitions, and detailed remote viewing procedures. It essentially acts as an instruction manual for the process of remote viewing, taking into consideration variations, effectiveness, selection of participants, and ultimately, evaluation.

The document breaks the remote viewing process into four parts:

  • Target Selection
  • Remote Viewer Session Preliminaries
  • The Remote Viewing Session
  • Post-Session Analysis

To select a remote geographical target, a “target pool” of 50-100 geographical coordinates was randomly selected and presented to the remote viewer.

In the preliminary portion of the process, the viewer is informed of what will occur. Viewers were expected[to state “raw perceptions” and avoid specific interpretations of what they saw or heard during the session. That being said, AMSAA were sure to include this reminder in the protocol:

The protocol begins with a literal pep-talk …

and then a 15 minute moment of silence that, according to non-existent data, enhances the process.

After the alloted quiet time, the “viewing period” begins. For fifteen minutes, the viewer and the coach work together in conversation to “intellectually” move around the remote location and describe the area. The session is recorded and the viewer may write or draw what they see depending on their preferences.

In the post-session analysis, the information gathered remotely is cross-referenced with actual information from the site. The coach and viewer talk about their findings and the viewer is informed of how successful they were.

In the variations section, they introduce the concept of “beacons,” individuals used to heighten the effectiveness of the remote viewing process.

In this case, the remote viewer is given biographical information about the preselected “beacon.’ Sometimes, the pair briefly meets. The beacon then travels to the remote geographical location to interact with the environment while the viewer is in their session. Besides geographical coordinates and individual “beacons,” specific structures or identifiable vehicles may also be used as points of contact to induce the viewer’s psychic visions.

1984 memo details the differences between an “altered states” approach to remote viewing, and a “naturalistic” approach like the one AMSAA took. The following is a point-by-point comparison of both techniques, from the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences’ and SRI International.

MIAS’ approach puts the focus on getting the viewer to enter into an “altered state” through waterbeds and relaxation tapes. SRI’s approach foregoes special techniques in favor of a more conversational environment.

If you want to see if these methods are sufficient for your remote viewing needs, find a quiet room and some willing friends. Though there is no evidence of adverse psychological or medial effects on the remote viewer, it might be a good idea to make some copies of this remote viewing liability form just to be safe.

The remote viewing protocols can be viewed here.


  1. theres nothing new about remote viewing or clairvoyancy .In fact they, I believe are natural abilities of all living things ,and even most likely “dead ” things too because even death is really simply an altered state of being .Gnostics or as they are generically known ,scientists, say that it is one of their Laws , from their Mortal Authority, that energy is immutable and so can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only later from states of solid to liquid to gas.Course it means Einstein their golden bo was wrong ,yet again because by his definition energy cant even exist since he states nothing can travel faster than light and then proceeds to say energy equals mass times the speed of light squared ie an impossible figure. According to him

  2. ok another type of nonsensical stupidity… ffs as if any body is going to believe this rubbish…. anybody can sit in a room and pretend they are somewhere else….lots of people do it everyday… its called daydreaming.. duhhh…. im sure many little boys in 1969 daydreamed they were on the moon… lol .. ffs if you want to “escape” your dreary day to day toil.. eat some magic mushrooms or take a acid trip… DONT GET SUCKED INTO PAYING SOME GRUB MONEY TO DO THIS SO CALLED NON REALITY…SUKKAS…….. HOW THE FUCK DID THE WORLD GET TO THIS …

  3. That is nice, then we don’t have to waste money actually going there to view the same thing.

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