Nancy Pelosi Accused of Orchestrating Security Breakdown on Jan. 6

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Nancy Pelosi accused of orchestrating security breakdown on January 6

Rep. Jim Banks has accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of orchestrating the breakdown in security during the Jan. 6 Capitol protest.

Rep. Banks, one of the Republicans barred from the January 6 Committee by Pelosi, appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss Pelosi’s role in covering up the truth about what really happened that day.

“Due to the rules of the United States Capitol, the power structure of the Capitol, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has more control and authority and responsibility over the leadership of the Capitol Police than anyone else in the United States Capitol.”

“So she doesn’t want us to ask these questions because at the end of the day, she is ultimately responsible for the breakdown of security at the capitol that happened on January 6,” he said. reports: Pelosi blocked Banks and Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan from serving on the select committee after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy chose them.

Banks has asserted that he was rejected by Pelosi because she “doesn’t want to talk about what happened at the capitol that day,” and is “only interested in a narrative.”

Pelosi has claimed that she blocked the two Republicans because she was concerned about how their appointment would affect the “integrity of the investigation.”

Pelosi announced on Sunday that she plans on appointing Never-Trump Rep. Adam Kinzinger to the Jan. 6 select committee. She has also named Rep. Liz Cheney.


  1. We all know she did it, just like she instigated all the fraudulent treasonous impeachment She’s seditious.

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