Rep. Chip Roy Unveils Bill Allowing Public To Sue Big Pharma for Genocide During COVID Pandemic

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Rep. Chip Roy introduces bill allowing Americans to sue Big Pharma for genocide during COVID pandemic.

Rep. Chip Roy has introduced a bill that would allow Americans injured by the mRNA vaccines to sue Big Pharma for attempted genocide.

The bill will dismantle the protective shield around Big Pharma that allows them to avoid civil liability if their products causes harm. reports: Amid a landscape of heated debate over vaccine mandates and the efficacy of the inoculation against COVID-19. The bill seeks to empower individuals who suffered adverse effects from the vaccines to seek legal recourse.

The Let Injured Americans Be Legally Empowered (LIABLE) Act is aimed at wiping away COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers’ statutory protections, opening them up to civil lawsuits.

A summary of the bill obtained by Fox News Digital said, “The LIABLE Act will allow Americans who took vaccines that were misleadingly promoted and forced onto many Americans via federal mandates to pursue civil litigation for their injuries. These vaccines were given emergency use authorization unilaterally and did not go through the normal FDA approval process.”

Currently, manufacturers and health care providers responsible for distributing COVID-19 vaccines are mostly immune from civil lawsuits, even if those seeking money damages have medical proof of their vaccine-related injuries.

That’s because the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act of 2005 limits liability for the manufacturing, development and distribution of medical countermeasures related to a public health emergency.

The PREP Act also created the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP), which has a one-year statute of limitations and only provides compensation in the event of death or serious injury. According to Roy, CICP has compensated people just 11 times despite thousands of claims lodged.

Roy’s LIABLE Act has emerged as a direct response to the frustrations many Americans have experienced after the federal push for widespread vaccination. A significant number took the jab under duress, being pressured by governmental and societal forces seeking to force the treatment on the public despite concerns about side effects and questions about its effectiveness.

This legislation could be a welcome sign for those harmed by the vaccines. Despite nearly 700 million doses that have been administered, only 11 people have been compensated for their injuries – even if they were forced to take them.

Roy told Fox News Digital that “Millions of Americans were forced to take a COVID-19 shot out of fear of losing their livelihoods and under false pretenses” and pointed out that “Many have faced injury from the vaccine, but few have been afforded…recourse.”

Naturally, there are some who believe people should not have recourse against vaccine manufacturers. PhRMA spokesperson Andrew Powaleny slammed the bill, telling Fox News Digital that “COVID-19 has been a reminder of why we need safe and effective vaccines” and insisted that the shots “are subject to a rigorous safety and efficacy review process and post-market monitoring.”

Yet, he did not give an argument explaining why those who are injured by the vaccines should not be entitled to legal recourse.

Roy’s bill is on point. But it is unlikely to pass given that Democrats maintain control over the Senate and President Joe Biden wouldn’t dare sign a bill that could cast doubt on the COVID-19 vaccines. After all, how would the government be able to force vaccines on the public if people are able to sue the manufacturers?

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