Top Doctor Blows the Whistle: ‘Chemicals in Vaccines Are Turning Kids Trans’ 

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Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why there are suddenly so many trans people, and in particular, very young trans kids?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why there are suddenly so many trans people, and in particular, very young trans kids?

It seems like every liberal celebrity in America is in possession of at least one transgender child in 2024. But the answer is more than just fashion.

There is a war being waged against our children, according to a leading doctor, and aborted fetal cells in vaccines are turning children transgender as part of a wider plot to destabilize society, nuke the nuclear family, and irreparably damage our kids.

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It’s time to stop asking why they are doing this to us and time to ask why are we letting them?

Everything we are going through at the moment is a test to see how far the system can push us. Never forget their crimes because they are planing to do them all again soon – and worse.

Take their war against our children for example. Not content with sexualizing children from young ages and normalizing pedophilia, the global elite are also pumping them full of chemicals, hormones and vaccine ingredients designed to destroy their hormonal balance and create lost generations.

As Dr. Ben Tapper explains, the aborted fetal parts used widely in modern vaccines is causing an epigenetic influence to the developing nervous system that is responsible for the sudden explosion in children who identify as the opposite of their birth gender.

Since Dr. Ben Tapper started speaking the truth, he has been targeted by the government to be silenced and de-platformed. His accounts sharing important truth were reaching millions of people per month, until Biden called him out on national television, and his accounts got deleted.

It is safe to say the elite are very sensitive about this issue and for this reason, it has never been more important to hear what Dr. Tapper has to say.

Dr. Tapper is over the target and this is why the elite are gunning for him. They have a modus operandi for silencing truth-tellers and only the bravest of the brave manage to survive

Take Alex Jones for example, viciously mocked by the mainstream media back when he said the elite were putting chemicals in the water that are turning the frogs gay.

But guess what? Jones was ahead of his time, but he was right.

We now have all the evidence we need to know the government have the technology to socially engineer the population.

The Atrazine pumped into our water supply did turn the frogs gay. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains.

We are living through a full-frontal assault on all of our senses. Geoengineering in the skies, social engineering in the form of vaccines, and secret chemicals in our water and food supply.

The elite are engaged in a conspiracy with the political class and media to cover up the social carnage caused by their social engineering. It’s our job to bust this conspiracy wide open.

Despite the evidence before our very eyes, the mainstream media has drugged the mainstream into a state of docile compliance, and anybody who dares to speak the truth is pilloried and mocked.

Take the transgender issue, for example. They are now attempting to convince us that transgender women face disadvantages in athletic competition with biological women.

Yes, really.

They want us to believe that Lia Thomas, the UPenn swimmer whose rank moved from 65th on the men’s team to 1st on the women’s team in the 500-yard freestyle, was not advantaged by being born male and going through male puberty.

They want us to believe Lia was actually disadvantaged.

They really are mocking us now.

But more and more people are waking up to the truth and demanding justice.

Watch below as this brave man drops truth bomb after truth bomb about the kind of people the Biden administration is determined to allow into young girls’ bathrooms.

This fearless man deserved a standing ovation. Instead, he was shouted down by liberals, escorted from the building, and hounded on social media for months by intolerant liberals who are allergic to anything with an essence of truth.

We have to be strong. We have to stand up and be counted and refuse to submit to the baying mob.

Submission to tyranny equals death.

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