Costa Rica Ditches Fossil Fuels For 113 Days And Counting

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Costa Rica completely ditches fossil fuels, using just renewable energy

Costa Rica continues to lead the way in utilising renewable energy sources as it looks likely to beat last year’s record of ditching fossil fuels for an impressive 285 days. 

The Latin American country has so far surpassed 113 days running on using 100% renewable energy sources alone. reports:

Due to the nation’s large river system and heavy tropical rainfalls, it is more equipped than other countries to thrive on clean energy.

The exciting news originally hails from Robert Llewellyn and his Fully Charged news update.

Within the next five years, Costa Rica intends to free itself entirely from fossil fuels.

Considering that the country has invested plenty in geothermal energy projects and is close to running an entire year on 100% renewable energy, it is likely to meet its goal – and sooner than planned.

Finally, this isn’t the first time the country has proven its commitment to the environment and wildlife. In 2013, Costa Rica closed the last of its zoos and freed all captive animals.

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