Woke Biden-Harris Regime Issues First ‘X’ Gender Passport

Fact checked
Biden Harris admin issue first 'X' gender passport for Americans

The Biden-Harris regime has begun issuing gender neutral U.S. passports, allowing people to mark their gender with an “X” instead of male or female.

According to an AP report, Jessica Stern, the special envoy designated for LGBTQ rights said, “When a person obtains identity documents that reflect their true identity, they live with greater dignity and respect.”

Thelibertyloft.com reports: The suspicion is that the passport was issued to someone who had sued for the right to use the ‘X’ label as they identify as intersex. Approximately 1% of the population are considered intersex at birth.

Stern said that the department expects to be able to issue the ‘X’ passports to others in the next year. The State Department had announced a move to such a passport earlier this year. Those who would qualify would be nonbinary, intersex and gender-nonconforming people.

According to the AP, Stern also said, “We see this as a way of affirming and uplifting the human rights of trans and intersex and gender-nonconforming and nonbinary people everywhere.”

There are many concerns with Stern’s comments and the actions of the Biden regime, however.

Democrats continue to argue that Americans should trust the science, but when science truly identifies 2 genders, male and female, they want to ignore it and allow a choice. When the American people want a choice, as in the case of vaccine mandates, they want you to trust the science.

The question becomes, is it the science or is it the control? This certainly does not appear like a nod to science.

Special interest groups and lobbyists will promote the new ‘X’ passport as a political win. Stern even said it was historic and worth celebrating.

Remember, Democrats claim they are working on the real problems in our nation.


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