Jill Biden Angry At Suggestion Joe Is Behind In Swing States Claims “It’s Obvious Joe Will Win”

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Jill Biden

Despite polls showing former President Donald Trump trouncing Biden in swing states, the First Lady insisted that her husband was “not losing all the battleground states.”

Jill Biden dismissed a Wall Street Journal poll showing Trump ahead of Biden in 6 of 7 battleground states when she joined CBS Mornings this week.

Snapping at such a suggestion, the first lady declared: “No, he’s not losing all the battleground states!…..He’s coming up! And he’s even or doing better.”

She then added “So, you know what? Once people start to focus in and they see their two choices, it’s obvious that Joe will win this election”.

InfoWars reports: Meanwhile, the partisans on MSNBC’s Morning Joe are in panic mode over the Wall Street Journal poll showing Trump ahead of Biden by several points in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and tied with Biden in Wisconsin.

These ominous facts for Joe Biden of course won’t stop his wife from lying through her teeth to the American people.

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