Liberal Judge Sentences Democrat Senator to One Year in Prison for Child Rape

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Dem State Senator sentenced to prison for child sex crimes.

A liberal judge has sentenced Arizona State Senator Otoniel Navarette to just one year in prison for committing heinous child sex crimes with a boy in 2021.

Judge Kristin Culbertson originally prepared to issue an even more lenient sentence of just 60 days in prison with ten years’ probation if Navarette participated in counselling, but the offer was refused because it would require Navarette to admit his wrongdoing. As a result, he was given a few extra months in prison. reports: Sentencing guidelines prevented him from being given a stiffer sentence. He is likely to be out of prison within seven months.

The victim was abused between the ages of 13 and 15 while living with the former state senator. He testified that he remained with Navarette and endured the abuse because he was from a “dysfunctional home.”

The trial was Navarette’s second on sexual-abuse charges. The first trial, which involved two victims and six felony counts, had to be abandoned after the jury couldn’t agree on a verdict.

Navarette has maintained his innocence throughout both trials. Before his arrest in August 2021, he was identified as a rising talent within the Democrat Party.

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