India To Spend £10 Billion On Military After receiving £1.6 billion in UK aid

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The country which has received £1.6billion in aid from Britain in the past eight years, has unveiled a huge military spending plan

Pictured: Old Soviet Submarine

According to reports India is to spend £5.2billion building seven frigates.

A further £5.2billion on six nuclear-powered submarines.

The new military plans come just months after the country made an order for six new submarines.
The orders, placed in October 2014, come as part of a strategy to close the gap between the Chinese navy and the Indian Ocean.
Conservative backbenchers have since waded into the debate over the spending of Britain’s aid budget at a time when services are being slashed.
Tory MP Peter Bone told the Daily Mail: “This is why we should not be giving any aid to India. It was not aid that brought India out of poverty but trade. Aid is just a sticking plaster.”
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UK Aid
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