One Man’s First-Hand Experience With Reptilians

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A man who has had some frightening experiences with reptilians has written his first-hand account

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Reptilian Agenda reports:

It was my great misfortune to be born into a family who were members of a religious sect comprised of some the most ignorant and narrow-minded bigots I have ever encountered – the Plymouth Brethen. As a result of continual daily brainwashing since the earliest age, I initially tried to fit the psychic and spiritual experiences which I had as a young child into a Christian context. However, when I finally realised, at the age of 16, that Christianity was a load of hogwash, and a dangerous prison for the mind and soul, I was able to open my consciousness to the point at which I began to have an ever-increasing awareness of spiritual realities. I then had a direct perception of the hidden powers operating behind the scenes, directing and controlling events in this world.

At the age of nineteen I had my first encounter with a vile entity who appeared to be the master-mind behind this age-old agenda to control the planet, the ultimate Power whom the negative reptilians serve. This entity appeared to me unexpectedly one evening when I was alone. I have written about this experience in a book, which has not yet been published, and quote from it below:

A tall figure towered above me, his countenance terrifying to behold. His dark eyes were narrow and upward-slanting, giving him a truly fiendish appearance that was matched by an expression that was cold, cruel and merciless. Although clearly visible, he was surrounded by an aura of self-generated darkness that was not simply the absence of light, but something tangible in itself. It was a thick darkness that could be felt. As the entity stood there, wave after wave of evil energy emanated from him. It was a vile and loathsome energy that turned everything around it into corruption, death and decay. With a terrifying certainty, I knew that I was in the presence of the most evil and dangerous entity in existence: the Prince of Darkness himself. The Dark Lord stood motionless, his piercing eyes blazing with an evil so terrible that I felt as if I was turning to stone. As his evil energy washed over me, I began to feel even more faint and dizzy. A vile stench like a mixture of sulphur dioxide and ammonia filled my nostrils, almost making me choke, and it left an acrid burning sensation in my nose and throat. I was seized by feelings of the utmost terror and loathing, and my very soul recoiled in horror from the diabolical entity who stood before me. I desperately tried to tear my gaze away from the Dark Lord, but the more I tried the more his terrible eyes bored into mine. Looking into those hellish eyes was like gazing into two bottomless pits of unfathomable evil. As I gazed helplessly into them, mesmerised by the power of the Dark Lord, I felt as if I was plunging into a Void of outer darkness and chaos, from which there could be no return. Suddenly, without warning, a blazing sphere of Light appeared between the Prince of Darkness and myself, and as it did so there was a sound like a violent clap of thunder. The whole house trembled beneath my feet as the sound reverberated throughout it. From within the almost-dazzling white Light a majestic figure suddenly appeared. He was in every respect the total opposite of the Prince of Darkness, and he emanated love, Light and indescribable purity. At his appearance the evil entity suddenly vanished.

Although this may sound like a scene from a horror movie, I assure you that this event actually took place, in early 1972, when I was 19 years old. Unfortunately, however, this was not a one-off encounter with the evil entity, for I was subsequently to experience many more after I met the reptilian who was to become my first wife. The Being of Light who banished the evil entity when he first appeared to me, was to become a central figure in my on-going experiences. He has on a few occasions directly intervened in some of the machinations of the Evil One and his reptilian cohorts, although he has made it very clear that it is not appropriate for him to do so under normal circumstances. The reason for this non-intervention is that human beings have to understand what is really going on in this world, and make their choices accordingly. We all have free will!

On 19 May 1979 I met a young girl who I discovered, after our subsequent marriage, was a servant of the evil entity, and was non-human in nature – a shape-shifter who had remarkable psychic powers and a vast propensity for evil and malice. These characteristics are also applicable to two of the three daughters which this girl bore a few years after our marriage. The other child is like me, and is the odd one out amongst the three girls. She has no reptilian characteristics whatever.

Not long after my marriage to the reptilian shape-shifter, whose name is Fran, she began to tell me how an evil entity used to manifest to her frequently when she was younger, always at nights. She claimed that he told her that he is her Master, and that she has served him in many previous incarnations. Fran told me that this entity spoke to her at great length about his long-term agenda to take control of the planet through his “minions,” as he referred to the negative reptilians. She herself was told that she was/is one of his very close servants, and has consciously worked in previous lives to further the Agenda. I subsequently discovered that this evil entity was the one who had manifested to me in 1979, apparently with the intention of harming me.

During the first five of the eight years that Fran and I were together, she immersed herself in black magic and Satanic rituals, which – she claimed – was something she had done in previous incarnations. So accomplished was she at these invocations and evocations that negative reptilian entities used to manifest in the house with great frequency. Her activities unfortunately opened up a psychic gateway which enabled these entities to manifest on the physical plane at more or less any time, without having to be evoked. Sometimes the entities would also take over Fran’s body and speak to me directly. They told me about their long-term agenda to take over this planet, and all of them, without exception, said that they served the Evil One. I was told quite plainly that he is the real, ultimate Power behind everything that has been happening in this world for the furthering of the Agenda. They explained that they operate from the lower astral regions close to the physical plane, and that the Evil One exists somewhere else in a Void of Darkness. I knew from my own encounters with the Evil One that he does, indeed, exist in this Void, because I had had the misfortune to tune into it several times. If there is a Hell, it’s that Void, believe me. It’s too horrific to describe or even imagine.

You might well be wondering why I chose to put up with all the negative experiences that occurred while I was living with Fran. I will explain. Not long after I married Fran, the Being of Light who had banished the Evil One when he first appeared to me in 1972, began to manifest frequently. He confirmed the truth of all that had been told me about the Agenda by the reptilians, and said that it was his intention to give certain key people the opportunity to pursue another course of action than that of serving the reptilian programme. This was, in reality, a euphemistic way of saying that he wanted to throw a few spanners in the works, with my co-operation! He pointed out that Fran, being a very close “subject” of the Evil One, who had served him well for many lifetimes as well as when she was not in incarnation, had a tremendous power for evil. She not only had the power to draw numerous reptilian entities into frequent manifestation from the lower astral planes, but she was also able to draw the Evil One himself – and, in addition, she made an ideal vessel for him to manifest through physically. (The Evil One took her over completely several times when she and I were together.) Potentially, she was a powerhouse of evil, and was capable of continuing where she left off in her last incarnation as a powerful black magician who worked alongside another prominent Satanist in 17the century England.

To cut a long story short, the Being of Light eventually succeeded in turning Fran away from her Satanic activities, and encouraged her to live a normal life. This he achieved primarily by using my body as his own and teaching and helping her spiritually. (I have the ability to allow entities to express themselves through me without the need for me to enter a trance or any other altered state of consciousness.)

In January 1975, while travelling abroad, I met a young German whom I discovered, several years later, was a shape-shifter like Fran. His paternal grandfather, when a young man, had emigrated to south America where he made a fortune exploiting the natural resources of Brazil and Peru. He was eventually dubbed “The Rubber King of Manaus,” on account of his establishing the first (and hugely profitable) rubber exportation business. His son went on to make money from the management of a sugar cane business in Lima, and he himself had three sons, one of whom I was to meet while abroad in 1975. This man, whom I will call George (he insists on his identity being protected), became a very close friend of mine, and we have stayed in contact to this day. Again, you may wonder why I have maintained a long-term friendship with a negative shape-shifter. The answer is that, like Fran, he has had numerous contacts with the Being of Light, and has been helped by him spiritually. George has always been very aware of his true non-human identity, and like Fran, he was also of great potential use to the Evil One, with whom he has had numerous encounters. However, after numerous contacts with the Being of Light, he abandoned all ideas of serving the reptilian cause and has tried his best to live a more positive and creative existence. This represents another major spanner in the reptilian works. The Evil One has admitted that Fran and George could have been of great service to the reptilian agenda, which he heads. Understandably, he is none too pleased with my involvement in the plan to prevent them from proceeding down this path. It is for this reason that I have – as I mentioned in a previous e-mail to you – paid a price for what I have done. However, I knew there would be a price to pay, but I chose to continue regardless.

For a long time I was surprised that the Being of Light operated alone, and had no dealings with the so-called ascended masters who supposedly exist somewhere in Tibet. I had always assumed that these “hidden masters” were bona fide positive beings who were consciously working for the enlightenment of the human race. So, I assumed that the Being of Light would work with, or at least communicate with, these “spiritual masters.” On the contrary, he always insisted that he had no dealings whatever with them, nor had any wish to do so. I now understand why!

The Being of Light has spoken many times about the long-term agenda of the negative reptilians, who work under the Evil One. He is fully aware of the Agenda, and of its ramifications, and on many occasions has said that he would like to speak publicly in order to warn people about this diabolical plot to ensnare the whole human race. As yet he has not “gone public,” and has said that he will only do so if I am ready to fulfil this function for him, and only at the right time.

In the summer of 1980 I met Lady Olivia Robertson, who runs the Fellowship of Isis from her home at Clonegal Castle in southern Ireland. A few years later, after I told her about some of my experiences involving the Being of Light and the Evil One, she put me in touch with a very secretive group of occultists who operate in Cairo under the name of “The Ammonite Foundation.” (Nothing to do with fossils, by the way, despite the name!) These people are followers of the Egyptian god Amon. I was evidently considered worthy to be introduced to such a group of apparently powerful occultists, but I soon fell foul of them. When they discovered that I had been serving the Being of Light in an effort to interfere with the reptilian agenda, these people were extremely angry. A strange reaction from a bunch of people who are supposedly serving the powers of Light! Anyway, the result was that I received a very severe “bollocking” from the Scribe to the Temple Master, one Sen Mut, and told that I was no longer allowed any contact with the group. I was taken aback by the venom and spitefulness of Sen Mut, whom I had mistakenly believed to be a genuine follower of the powers of Light. I was also told that, in a former incarnation in Egypt, I had caused some very major trouble for the priests of Amon and all the traditional gods. I was a heretic, apparently! (There’s a clue for you there.) I’ve been called the same thing many times in this incarnation, too.

It was not until 1992 that I told Olivia Robertson about my experiences with the Ammonites. She was not especially surprised, and told me that another person whom she knew had recently had a similar experience. Hitherto, Olivia herself had assumed the Ammonites to be a bunch of “white lighters.” She apologised for having introduced me to the group, but I knew that she had done so in good faith, not knowing what these people were really like. Anyway, Lady Olivia introduced me to the widow of one Prince Alexander of Rumania, the lady I mentioned in a previous e-mail to you.

The lady in question wishes to remain anonymous, so I will not reveal her identity here. She was born in North Carolina in the USA in 1946. She claims that her father was a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson, the former US president, and her mother was a direct descendant of Edmund Randolph. She herself was brought up as an “American Aristocrat,” and her parents arranged her marriage to Prince Alexander of Rumania. He met an untimely end, however, when he was assassinated a few years after the marriage. His widow inherited a fortune and a number of estates in Italy, and several other European countries. She lived in Italy for several years after the death of her husband, then returned to the States, where she bought an estate in New England and established a “Temple of Isis and Venus.”

When I first met this lady, she told me that she had also had a run-in with the Ammonites, who had refused to work with her. She was outraged by their attitude, and had declined to communicate with them any more. This lady began to confide in me after we had got to know one another well, and told me things which she claims never to have told another living soul. I promised not to reveal any of these particular matters, so will stick only to things which she has told other people. She claimed repeatedly that during her Temple rites, the old gods and goddesses materialise, often in bird or animal form. She often spoke of her contacts with Set. She also told me that the gods had stated that in a former life she was Drusilla, sister of the infamous Roman Emperor Caligula. (A charming lady, if the history books are correct!) I was somewhat disturbed by all this, but put it to the back of my mind. After some while, she proposed that we marry, in order for her to have a husband, and a priest to serve with her in the Temple. I was told that, for reasons I did not then understand, I was the only person she knew who would make a suitable priest for her Temple activities. Amongst many, many other things she told me on several occasions that the gods had stated to her clearly that one day they will manifest on this earth and claim it for themselves. They are working towards this aim, I was told. Sinister stuff – but worse was to come for me on a personal level.

I was very surprised that this lady should have been so anxious to marry me, considering that I am only a “commoner” from a very ordinary background. As far as I am aware, there is not a drop of “royal” or aristocratic blood in me. She consorted most of the time with wealthy aristocrats from America and Europe, and I could not understand why she wished me to join her circle. I have it on good authority that, amongst many high-profile public figures, she personally knew George Bush Senior, and was a good friend of the British Royal family, in particular the Queen. However, she was determined that we should marry – until she was given a stern warning by one of her gods that he would destroy me if I got too close to her. Why? Because she is his consort, his possession, he claimed. She, apparently, is the Great Wife of the god, whose sole possession she is. I had been led to believe that all of “her” gods were totally benevolent, so I was most surprised when one of them turned out to be jealous and possessive to such a degree. However, I shouldn’t have been too surprised, because I had had a number of intuitive warnings about my liaison with this nocturnal shape-changer, who only works at night and sleeps during the day. On a deep level, I had sensed that something was wrong, but could not put my finger on it until Amon threatened me. This threat was all I needed to pull out and break off the engagement. I gradually broke off contact with this lady, the “Wife of the god Amon,” and have had virtually no contact for about two years.

I am now married to a girl from the Philippines, and we have two young daughters – neither of whom has any reptilian characteristics!

Royce Christyn
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