Actor Playing Joe Biden Body Double Caught Walking To Car Without Secret Service Protection

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One of the actors pretending to be Joe Biden was exposed yesterday after citizen journalists caught the man walking to his car in a back parking lot without secret service protection.

Many people believe the globalist elite selected Joe Biden to have a compromised puppet in the White House whose strings could be controlled by hidden hands. Are we witnessing evidence of the charade?

If you have ever found yourself watching a Joe Biden performance and thinking there is something “off” about it, you were right. Former CIA Chief of Disguise Jonna Mendez admits that while she was at the agency, they developed masks that can be used by actors to play the roles of important people in real life. Mendez also hinted the CIA now has even more advanced technology in this area.

In April, the skin on Biden’s neck gave the game away. Many people on social media, including a former CIA expert in disguise, claimed that the man pretending to be the president of the United States was clearly wearing a mask.

If you are wondering what that looks like from the front, consider Exhibit B.

Even his own family are keen to throw him under the bus. His daughter Ashley recently accused him of sexually molesting her as a child. We made a video about it – check it out. His son Hunter calls him “Pedo Peter” behind his back.

And now Biden’s granddaughter – one of the lucky ones he chooses to acknowledge – says he died in 2019 and has been played by an actor ever since. Watch:

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