JP Morgan Executive, Who Vowed to Expose Biden Crimes, Found Dead

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A senior JP Morgan board member and billionaire who vowed to expose damning evidence regarding financial crimes involving Joe and Hunter Biden has been found dead of horrific "blunt force trauma" injuries in Chicago.

A senior JP Morgan board member and billionaire who vowed to expose damning evidence regarding financial crimes involving Joe and Hunter Biden has been found dead of horrific “blunt force trauma” injuries in Chicago.

Investigators have confirmed that James Crown, a businessman and former intelligence agent who was once considered part of Barack Obama’s “inner circle”, was killed on Sunday, the day of his 70th birthday, following a “car accident.”

Despite the horrific nature of his injuries, Crown’s death was quickly ruled an accident by the coroner in Pitkin County and the investigation has been closed down.

It is becoming increasingly clear somebody is cleaning house before the 2024 election begins in earnest.

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James Crown is the latest in a long line of people who offered dirt on the Bidens to disappear or die in recent months.

The People’s Voice reported back in February that Dr. Gal Luft, the co-director of the Washington-based Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, reportedly was going to reveal explosive information on the Biden Crime Family.

Then he went missing under mysterious circumstances.

Right before he was disappeared, Luft’s lawyer had told Biden’s DOJ that his client would submit a letter to Congress containing information Luft previously gave to the FBI during the Trump Administration on the Bidens.

Moreover, The New York Post revealed that Luft was in possession of explosive information: someone was selling sealed U.S. law enforcement information to Chinese individuals.

The attorney claimed that Ye Jianming, founder and chairman of CEFC-USA, a nonprofit created by the China Energy Fund Committee, told Luft that Hunter Biden had an informant in the FBI. They paid a lot of money to provide sealed law enforcement information.

This FBI mole was reportedly called “One-Eye.”

Luft appeared to be on the verge of blowing the lid off the investigation into the Biden Crime Family’s business deals. But something very convenient happened this month that redounded to the family’s benefit.

But it gets even worse.

Last week, the People’s Voice broke the story of a dead Burisma Energy whistleblower after former federal prosecutor Rudi Giuliani discussed her fate during an interview.

According to Giuliani, the accountant, who was the wife of the Burisma boss was was also found dead in suspicious circumstances, was ready and willing to hand over Burisma’s highly compromising international bank transfers.

So what did James Crown, the JP Morgan executive and member of the Obama inner circle, know about Biden? According to JP Morgan insiders, it’s more likely a case of what James Crown didn’t know.

The Biden crime family has been intimately tied to the organized crime cartel JP Morgan for decades.

Make no mistake, JP Morgan is one of the world’s biggest crime cartels, protected by the mainstream media and delicately intertwined with the globalist elite and protected from prying eyes by the mainstream media.

In June 2019 a ship owned by JP Morgan Chase was was seized in a $1.3 billion cocaine bust.

In May this year, Jeffrey Epstein emails released to the public revealed the influence that the convicted pedophile had over JP Morgan executives as well as celebrities including Bill Gates and political elites.

And also in May, former JP Morgan banking chief Jes Staley was accused of ‘aggressively’ raping an underage Jeffrey Epstein victim “with his permission.”

The US Virgin Islands also announced last month that they couldn’t find Google co-founder Larry Page to subpoena him in a lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase for “enabling Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring.”

Wherever you find corrupt international finance and degenerate sex, you will find Joe and Hunter Biden, and they have been intimately connected to the mess of sordid JP Morgan criminality for decades. So closely tied, in fact, that US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George, who vowed to continue seeking justice for victims of Jeffrey Epstein by exposing his collaborators, was fired while Joe Biden paid an unscheduled visit to the islands in January.

If you are having flashbacks to how Biden had Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired for investigating Burisma Energy, you are not the only one.

On December 27, then-Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George filed a blistering and heavily redacted 30-page lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase, accusing the bank of having “facilitated, sustained, and concealed” Epstein’s human trafficking network.

Apparently this was serious enough for Biden to make a highly irregular visit to the US Virgin Islands on Air Force One on New Years Day.

Days later, George was terminated from her role as AG. And the mainstream media was ordered to look the other way and convince the public there was nothing to see here.

And in 2019 a grand jury subpoena ordered JP Morgan to provide testimony and documents about an array of Hunter Biden’s business dealings – as well as information in its files about the president’s brother, James.

The subpoena, which came amid Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, listed a number of Hunter Biden’s business ventures, including the Rosemont Seneca partnership he formed.

The the letter to JP Morgan identifies the Bank of China as the ‘Originating or Beneficiary Bank’ on the letter. 

Which is very interesting considering Biden was caught on hot mic this weekend boasting to the president of India that he has sold a lot of state secrets to foreign interests.

Everytime Biden is caught on a hot mic saying something deeply incriminating, the mainstream media leap to his rescue and make excuses for him.

Apparently, Biden admitting to another world leader that he has taken advantage of his role by selling state secrets is just another “gaffe.”

Biden is battling scandals on numerous fronts and the mainstream media is finding it increasingly difficult to continue covering up for him and his family. As the bodies continue piling up, make no mistake: the dam wall is threatening to break.

Watch as Biden is hounded by reporters this week asking whether he lied about speaking to Hunter about his business deals.

So what is going on here? Why are so many influential people linked to Biden disappearing and dying in freak accidents? According to a WEF insider, many of the billionaires disappearing in nasty accidents are the ones who said “no, you’re not doing that with my company.”

“These were the people who were too stuck in their ways, they were from the old world. They believed in private property so when the WEF arrived and said ‘That company of yours now belongs to us, to the world order that is soon to emerge. Sign this and try not to be too upset. You will live very comfortably or not. The choice is yours.’ These were the people who said ‘not’.”

This is a battle for the soul of America and the western world and we cannot allow the globalist elites to place Biden in the White House for another term and secure their grip on humanity.

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