Biden Caught on Hot Mic Admitting ‘I Sold a Lot of State Secrets’

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President Joe Biden made a startling admission while engaged in what he thought was a private conversation during the state visit of Indian president Narendra Modi, only for the damning confession to be caught on hot mic.

Biden, who did not realize his comments were being broadcast, confessed that he “sold a lot of state secrets and very important things.”

Joe Biden has a history of being caught on hot mic making incriminating statements, only for the mainstream media to claim he was “joking” or “misspoke”, despite the damning nature of his statements. Watch:

While the mainstream media fact checkers are preparing their defense of Biden, no doubt planning to claim he was joking, it is worth examining the mounting evidence against the Biden crime family’s foreign business dealings.

Last week we broke the news that the chief accountant at Ukraine’s Burisma Energy, who offered to provide US authorities with damning evidence regarding financial crimes involving Joe and Hunter Biden, had been found dead before she could testify.

The dead whistleblower, who has been identified as the wife of former Burisma owner Mykola Lisin, who also died in suspicious circumstances during the Obama administration when vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter were making a killing in Ukraine.

Former federal prosecutor Rudi Giuliani discussed the fate of the now-deceased whistleblower, who was willing to hand over Burisma’s highly compromising international bank transfers, during an interview on Newsmax’s “Saturday Report.”

The noose is getting tighter for Joe Biden as his bare-faced lies to the American people are being exposed one by one. D.C. reporters have been given the green light to go after Joe Biden and the “Big Guy” is starting to squirm. Watch:

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