Evil Child Trafficker Caught Abducting Baby From Ukraine To Sell To VIP Pedophiles for $25K

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A charity worker involved in the child trafficking business has been arrested in Ukraine after he was caught abducting a healthy 11-month-old infant with the intention of selling the child to VIP elite pedophiles for $25,000 before dismembering the child for organ transplants.

The 43-year-old man had purportedly provided a $1,000 initial payment to the child’s mother, deceitfully promising to facilitate the child’s adoption in the European Union, where they would be safe from the perils of war.

The child trafficker had offered the woman, from Zhytomyr, a total sum of $5,000 in exchange for the baby, with the sinister plan of selling the child to human traffickers for $25,000. Watch:

Pictures showed the man detained with a female accomplice at the Ukraine-Slovakia border as he intended to cross with the child.

While this arrest was caught on camera, hundreds of thousands of children are being trafficked across borders every year for pedophiles and the trade in organs.

Mel Gibson, who has vowed to expose an elite pedophile ring operating at the heart of the Hollywood system, is living in fear for his life after funding the new documentary film Sound of Freedom which is purported to blow the lid off the world’s most evil business.

Planned Parenthood executives have also been recently caught harvesting the organs and body parts of children for the VIP elite – and boasting about the luxury items and lavish lifestyles that the trade in dead children affords them.

Daily Mail report: While this Ukrainian boy was saved, it is suspected the man had previously sold three other children on the pretext of taking them out of war-torn Ukraine and finding them adoptive parents abroad. 

The detained man ‘had been looking for parents who were ready to sell their child for organs’, reported Ukrainian journalist Vitaliy Glagola.

‘Law enforcement officers have operational information that this was not for adoption to the EU, and the child was to have been sold to [illegal] organ transplanters.’

The mother of the child had alerted law enforcement, it was reported.

An operation by police, the SBU secret service and border guards detained him at the Malye Selmentsy frontier checkpoint.

The man was remanded in custody pending further investigation, while the rescued child was reunited with his mother.

The man is held under child trafficking laws, said a police spokesman, and faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted.

There have been repeated warnings in recent years of children from impoverished eastern Europe exported on the black market by gangs linked to organ transplants for wealthy clients, especially in the Middle East.

But Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which sent millions of Ukrainian citizens fleeing across the border, presented an opportunity for human traffickers to prey on the most vulnerable of refugees.

Earlier in the war there were several reports of criminals targeting unaccompanied female refugees and children fleeing from Ukraine by promising them safe accommodation and free transport, posing as good Samaritans to lure them away from the safety of official checkpoints. 

Charity workers on the Polish-Ukrainian border have warned that the traffickers are working alone and in gangs to kidnap the women and children who are an ‘easy target’. 

Karolina Wierzbińska, a coordinator at the human rights organisation Homo Faber in the Polish city of Lublin, said she has seen teams of people working together, or multiple couples, travelling to the Polish border and pretending to offer Ukrainian refugees rides in an effort to lure them into cars. 

‘[We see teams] waiting for people arriving from Ukraine and pretending to offer rides or lodging to women distressed and exhausted from their journey,’ she said.

‘We’re also seeing multiple couples, typically a male and a female, having travelled to the border by car, attempting to lure women using similar tactics. We intervene in such cases by approaching the person acting suspiciously and asking them to register in our volunteer directory – in response to which they typically run away.’

Millions of Ukrainian refugees flooded into Poland in the weeks following Putin’s invasion leaving many Polish towns and cities on the border overwhelmed by the sheer number of people arriving and needing shelter, food, and medicines.

Missing Children Europe told the Guardian in the early weeks of the Ukraine war that unaccompanied minors were continuing to disappear at the borders.

‘There are so many children […] that we lost track of,’ said Aagje Ieven, secretary general of Missing Children Europe. ‘This is a huge problem, not just because it means they easily go missing, and are difficult to find, but also because it makes trafficking so easy.’ 

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. It’s not Russias war The CIA started it in 2014 by assassinating the Russian general. Its their war. Propagandas call it Russias war I Yong Russia started it They didn’t And they didn’t want to have to defend themselves against the biological weapons the west was setting up in Ukraine either. They weren’t the protagonists. And they aren’t harvesting children.

  2. Please stop living in FEAR.
    James Crown was a fake story. He is one of them and so is Dr. Gal Luft, they are using those stories to frighten you.
    So people will keep QUIET and not speak the truth.
    Do you really think that God would allow anyone to come to any harm for telling the truth, and speaking for the victims of these demonic beings, the “elite”?
    God would not allow it. God is in Charge of this world and he is testing everyone in it.
    The devil and all these soulless monsters are here only because God must allow this test.
    Since the humans on earth separated from God and fell, they must each of their own free will not only return to God but also they must reject the devil who runs this world right now at the top.
    These demonic entities called the elite will all be back in HELL soon after this test is finished.
    They are not human, they are sub-humans, destined for eternity in Hell.
    The devils, Satan and even Lucifer, cannot do anything to any of you without God’s permission.
    They must request His permission.
    God has a reason for everything.
    It is beyond your understanding or need to know.
    He would never allow the evil one to harm someone who has rejected the devil and has chosen of their own free will to return as one with the Father in Heaven again.
    Mel and Jim are such Children of God and have NOTHING to Fear,
    On the contrary, Like the People’s voice they become protected and are serving God as his instruments in this world.
    They are dearer to him than anyone else on earth.
    This is the final and last opportunity before the sheep and the goats are separated, forever.
    And yes, Jesus is returning as he promised, for his own the last and final time very soon.
    The ones who are his children are those who know the Father protects his own Children,
    and they can and MUST fearlessly, take a stand against all the evil on this earth, reject the devil openly or else they are conspirators with the devil by keeping silent in fear.
    You have an example of 3, who speak out and tell the truth.
    Mel, Jim, and TPV. Follow their example.
    The next world is heavenly, ecstatic, blissful and beautiful beyond any words, I can say.
    It is for those who speak the TRUTH.
    This is the age of Kali Yuga: darkness and demons.
    The next age is the age of TRUTH=Satya Yuga literally means age of TRUTH.
    Be like the lying demonic elite scum from Hell, or be truthful.
    Do the right thing to save your souls.
    There is NOTHING to fear if you are God’s own and reject the devils, the fallen angels and demons from Hell who have taken over this earth.
    Hell is the place that is overpopulated right now, not earth.
    Save your souls, take a stand against Evil and do not Fall a second time or it will be the last time.
    Rise up, evolve higher, ascend higher where there is no fear, hate or violence, where there is only Love and truth and Peace. This is the last and final opportunity to do so.
    Be wiser than serpents, don’t believe their contrived lies that make you fear them.
    They are weak and they do not have God’s love.
    God’s love is reserved for those who do God’s will.
    The elite must obey Satan (Pope Francis) and Lucifer.
    Satan and Lucifer must OBEY God.
    God is GOD. He loves you. You must also LOVE Him.
    Make him pleased with you. Be brave, stand up and speak the TRUTH.
    REJECT the devil do not fear these demonic subhuman devils, just eliminate their power, wealth and presence in this world, by returning to God Almighty, who most of you have horribly, abandoned.

  3. “child was reunited with his mother”? Nobody questioned why that mother sold her child for a $5000 price tag? Wars, the immigrant “crisis,” not-so-natural disasters – are all excuses the 1% uses to traffick women and children for sex, rituals, and organ harvesting. Ex. While propagandists have Americans focused on all the “military age men crossing the border” you’re NOT thinking ‘because all the women and children have been captured and trafficked.’

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