Syrian Troops Extol ‘The Tiger’ As ISIS Siege Is Broken Near Aleppo

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Syrian troops

Syrian troops hail their victorious commander Suheil al-Hassan as “The Tiger,” after he defeats the so called Islamic State or ISIS and breaks the siege on the Kweiris airbase in Northern Syria.

Vocativ reports:

Al-Hassan led his Tiger Forces to a significant win against ISIS in northern Syria on Tuesday, when the troops broke the Islamic State’s two-year siege on the Kweiris airbase near Aleppo with the help of Russian airstrikes, Syrian state TV and other reports said.

The military leader was already popular among his troops, and tens of thousands of Facebook users have long been following pages dedicated to the Syrian Army colonel.

Now, as fighters boast about their recent win, The Tiger—described in both Arab and Western media as frightening—is getting most of the glory.

“The Tiger and his cavalry now broke the legendary siege on Kweires airbase, a heroic battle whose history will be written in gold letters,” said a post on one of the Facebook pages dedicated to the military leader.



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